5 Different ways you can train to improve performance in cricket

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There seems to be confusion among people as to what is the best way of training. Some prefer to use heavy weights and others prefer high intensity activity like HIIT/CrossFit. In this article lets shed some light on the benefits of all the different training routines. Till we read towards the end it will be clear as to which programme would work best for you.


  • Cardio- Respiratory Training

The most common way how Indians look at exercise. That is one of the reasons why we Indians look flat and skinny compared to Europeans who are bulky and muscular (it has also got something to do with dietary habits). As the name suggests Cardio-respiratory training helps you to keep your heart (cardiac muscle) and lungs (respiratory system) healthy. Another thing that Cardio-respiratory training does is that it metabolises fat which intend helps in fat loss. It improves stamina and also oxygen consumption by our body. Aerobic training 1-2times a week depending of an individuals need is beneficial for cricketers to maintain or improve their stamina.


  • HIIT/CrossFit

The CrossFit industry is booming worldwide. Some reasons are due to versatility and availability of various equipment’s which are beneficial as well as fun to do. Another reason is the results it provides as far as fat loss, creatine stores, strength gains, muscular endurance and above all making individuals functionally fit impacting their lives in a positive way.

But as we say there are also some downsides to every training routine. In this case due to intensity of training is high compared to other training routines there are high chances that an individual may injure himself if not implemented the exercises in a proper way.

So next time when you enrol for a CrossFit training camp make sure you reach out to trainers who are knowledgeable as well as experienced. This will help you minimize risks and maximise benefits.


  • Strength Training

Workout which consists of heavy weights while doing compound exercises like deadlifts, bench press, barbell squats, bent rows etc for 1-4 repetitions and number of sets are more (around 4-6) is known as strength training. We see athletes strength train in their off season. During strength training the muscle breakdown is much more compared to any other workout routine. Therefore, it is important that proper recovery takes place on rest days. Protein consumption must be higher than normal and ample amount of sleep is also necessary.

Proper warm up before strength training is also necessary as there are chances of muscle tissue damage or ligament tears if body is not properly warmed up.


  • Plyometric Training

This type of training includes short burst type activities such as vertical jumps, box jumps, clean & jerks, Olympic snatch etc. These exercises play a functional role in most of the sports such as cricket, baseball, basketball, football (lower body) etc.

The benefits of plyometric training is that it helps you with jumping higher, hitting hard & throwing fast. That is the reason why we see plyometric exercises included in every sportsmen’s routine.

Plyometric training is also difficult because It requires some amount of mobility & flexibility that beginners don’t have. But if done in a proper way is very beneficial as most amount of muscles are active throughout the movement. Therefore, it also helps a lot with overall muscle growth.


  • Flexibility Training

We are always reminded in our lives to go back to our routes. In this case we are reminded of flexibility training and in other words yoga. It is a very ancient and primitive type of training which still has a lot of relevance. Benefits of flexibility training is that it helps you increase the range of motion which makes activities like bending, twisting & reaching out a lot easy. It also releases the muscle tension which ultimately destresses your body. Flexibility training has to be a part of every workout routine as it also helps in getting rid of the lactic acid build up in muscle due to resistance or aerobic training. Flexibility training when performed as a cooldown after  every workout helps in bringing back the heartrate to normal and most of the blood flow in the muscles back to the organs to perform activities such as digestion.

 Please Note:- Consult a trainer and discuss your desired goals with him to get the best results out of all the different types of training routines. 

I hope this article turns out to be helpful for you. Whenever in doubt do consult fitness experts to avoid injuries and maximize benefits. Remember “Slow progress is always better than, No progress”.

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