A State of the Art Indoor Cricket Nets Academy with bowling machine in Bandra, Mumbai

Indoor Cricket Academy in Bandra Mumbai with bowling machine

Cricket lovers who are passionate for the sport will never leave their connection with the game and Prashant Shetty, Jagdish Chavan and  Sandesh Paralkar are three examples. These three people who have a rich background in cricket this time decided to give it back to cricket by developing a one of its kind indoor cricket nets academy for budding cricketers which got opened on 31st July.

To introduce these 3 founders, Prashant Shetty has been an ex-Ranji Cricketer and also the coach of the Mumbai U/14 and U/16 teams for 7 years. He is also the coach of the upcoming batting sensation Prithvi Shaw. Jagdish Chavan who is a good friend of Sachin Tendulkar was a fast bowler who went to MRF Pace Foundation in his playing days while Sandesh Paralkar on the other hand played for MCA Colts, Worli Cricket Club “A” Div and currently the skipper of BMC Cricket team.

When asked Prashant Shetty on what was the motivation to open this facility he quipped there are very few indoor nets for practice in Mumbai and during rains(off-season) players find it difficult to practice and that was the reason to open it for the young players to practice.

Prashant Shetty who is now a banker ensures he gives maximum time towards the sport he loves and when we asked him to share more details about the nets we got to know- this is one of the very few Indoor Cricket Nets in Mumbai to also have a bowling machine. The balls can be delivered at a maximum speed of 135kmph while you can also face bouncers and tweak the line and length for practicing.

A bowling machine like this is good for drills and to practice specific shots while it is also essential for the skill development of a player. Another USP of this place is, even the fast bowlers can have a full run up here unlike other places where pacers have to shorten their run-ups.

At present equipped with 3 Nets and named Jayshree Janardan Shirsekar indoor Cricket academy, it’s open between 7am to 9pm and it’s already getting popular amongst cricket lovers and professional players!

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