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Dr. Rajani Patil is a sports physiotherapy specialist with 17 years of field experience who understands the physical demands and technical aspects of various sports, the movements and muscle activity involved in each phase of the game and the most probable causes of injury. Her 8 years of experience in the USA has primarily been rehabilitation of sports injuries, improving sporting performance and post-surgical rehabilitation. Dr Patil has a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from A.T. Still University, (USA), is a Certified McKenzie practitioner and certified in Sports rehab from North American Sports Medicine Institute (NASMI). Dr Patil has extensive experience in both India (8 years) and USA (8 years) in prevention and rehabilitation of knee, ankle/ foot, shoulder and spine injuries/surgeries. Dr Patil is a proponent of a healthy lifestyle that includes proper hydration, systematic exercises and nutrition. The goal of OrthoSports Physiotherapy is not only to help one find relief now, but also to give tools for continued good health.

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