Automotive ties up with Cricketgraph for Monthly Cap Leaders across Corporate & Professional Category

Automotive Cricket Cap leaders

The new cricket season has started and Cricketgraph has come up with a new set of awards in 2018-19. Emulating the ideas of IPL, this season, Cricketgraph will pick up the Orange Cap (highest run scorer) and Purple Cap (highest wicket-taker)  and Yellow Cap (Most Popular Cricketer) across various cricket tournaments within corporate & professional categories in Mumbai.

 The very idea of giving away the Orange Cap, Purple Cap & Yellow Cap is to make the players feel the need to compete and give their best in each and every game they feature in. During the IPL, they see their favorite cricketers sporting the Orange Cap and Purple Cap, and somewhere in their mind, they imagine themselves donning the same. This season, Cricketgraph in association with Automotive, is giving these cricketers an opportunity to realize their dream of wearing the Orange/Purple Cap and also the Yellow Cap (Most Popular Cricketer with maximum votes / fb likes)

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These awards would kick start with 2 categories mainly, Corporate Category & Professional Category, wherein tournaments & matches played under corporate & professional category would be considered. There are more 300 corporates who play cricket in Mumbai and the professional category would consist of tournaments played by Doctors, Architects & Advocates. To make orange & purple cap more interesting, the mechanism is slightly tweaked wherein only the top performances of the matches will be recorded.

Automotive Manufacturers Private Limited (AMPL), a prestigious business house with a strong legacy in automobile industry, will work hand in glove with Cricketgraph. AMPL, is an authorized dealership of Marauti Suzuki, Ashok Leyland, and Mahindra and Mahindra across India.

“Automotive has always been undertaking some or the other initiative to support cricket and encourage the cricket community. We believe that cricket is strong enabler and we would like to explore using cricket as a channel to drive our brand forward, elucidated Sachin Sanghvi one of the directors of Automotive.     

Cricketgraph has always been striving to acknowledge the cricketers playing at the local level, and this time in their quest to motivate cricketers, they have found an able ally in Automotive.

These monthly cap winners would get exciting prizes in form of cricket merchandise, certificates, an actual cap and discount vouchers from Automotive, which can be redeemed from across 4 different branches of Automotive in Mumbai.

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