Basic Drills for Wicket Keeper against spinners

Wicket Keeping is the most underrated and difficult art in requires excellent hand eye coordination combined with testing degrees of fitness and concentration.. While keeping to spinners he should stay low and rise with the ball..The head should b still at the moment the bowler releases the ball to judge the flight and length of the ball…The stance should b slightly outside the off stump so that he is in the position to clearly watch the ball from the bowler,s wrist in his delivery action as this will allow him immediately to determine the line of the ball and get into position to collect it cleanly.. It is also important to keep watching the ball till the end.

In this video you would see Wicket Keeper Aalap Dasmahapatra practicing Wicket Keeping Under the supervision of coach sumeet khanna.


This article & video is contributed by Coach Sumeet Khanna. 

Sumeet Khanna is an active cricketer, playing at top divisions in MCA.

He is a MCA Level O certified coach. Apart from coaching at few clubs in western mumbai, he contributes to cricketgraph regularly to help the cricket community at large.

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