Basic tips for fast bowlers

Fast Bowling is a important part in Cricket.Whatever style of Bowling a player chooses,he should be encouraged to pursue it in an attacking manner. The idea is to make the batsman play as many deliveries as possible.

Experimentation in the nets should be encouraged all the times so that the bowler is able to perfect a variation before trying it under match conditions.Constant practice is always useful,but workload should be monitored carefully.

The only key that holds here is that there are no shortcuts to success,so keep practicing till you attain that desire pace,line and length.Fast bowling is something one has to do with passion,because it is very hard work. Fast Bowlers is required to bowl with pace for many overs and this requires stamina, so long distance running will help them bowl many overs with the consistent intensity. 

In this video you would see bowler Siddhant singh practicing fast bowling with coach sumeet khanna.


This article & video is contributed by Coach Sumeet Khanna. 

Sumeet Khanna is an active cricketer, playing at top divisions in MCA.

He is a MCA Level O certified coach. Apart from coaching at few clubs in western mumbai, he contributes to cricketgraph regularly to help the cricket community at large.

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