Coach Corner – Sagar Khandagale from Pro Kings Sports Academy

Sagar Khandagale - Kharghar Cricket Academy

Sagar Khandagale, a 26-year old, young and dashing coach from Kharghar runs a cricket academy named Pro Kings Sports. The cricket practice of this academy takes place at Sachin Tendulkar ground in Kharghar.  Khandagale has been doing cricket coaching for five years. Though he is just 26 years old, at such a young age, he is already well-equipped to coach the budding cricketers which is evident from the fact that he is the head coach at Pro Kings Sports Academy.

Prior to the inception of this academy, Sagar was associated with Kharghar Sports Association, where he embarked upon his cricket coaching journey. He worked there for five years and gained lot of knowledge about the sport. His experiences at Kharghar Sports Association has helped him be a better coach and impart better training to the players at his academy. Sagar is ably assisted by Ganesh Bhosale, who is the bowling coach, and Vinay Patil, who is the fitness coach at Pro Kings Sports academy. These coached are well-experienced in their respective fields. The trimurti strive relentlessly to offer best possible cricket coaching to the young guns and make sure that each of their players get thorough attention.

The academy has eight nets, which is a lot of space, considering the paucity of open areas that is available to play cricket in Mumbai and adjacent regions. Off-season training also takes place in the academy, which helps the players to stay in touch with the game even during the monsoon. Practice matches are played at regular intervals (2-3 times a week) which guarantees that the players are able to adjust to the match situations and also help them develop the right temperament to win matches.

Apart from the regular cricket coaching, Sagar and co. provide coaching to women, corporates, children between 5 and 10 years of age, and adults above 30 years of age. They also have flood light facility, which means that practice at Pro Kings Sports academy can start from dawn and easily continue till dusk.

Under the able aegis of Sagar, Sudhagad School won the DSO of Raigad District Cricket Association. Aurojyoti Biswal and Swapnil Patil, the two products of Pro Kings Sports academy have paved their way to the higher level. Biswal won the best field award in U-14 CPCC tournament in 2016-17.

The efforts taken by Sagar and co. are tremendous and let us hope that more and more players from Pro Kings Sports academy get a chance to play cricket at a higher level.        


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