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Towards Being Equal | Cricket Project

Every Indian dreams of playing cricket, but not everyone is fortunate to afford this overwhelmingly popular but at the same time reasonably expensive sport. To fulfil this dream, Sudhakar Shetty, decided to take it upon himself and change things in whatever capacity he could. The man who raised the bar of cricket in Dubai under the banner of Maxtalent Global sports, now wants to bridge the yawning gap between the sport and under-privileged children of India.

Under the banner of ‘Towards Being Equal’, Sudhakar Shetty and his team initiated an academy in Dugadgaon, near Vajreshwari, Thane district on June 9, 2015. Started with a bunch of seven kids, the academy has grown manifold to a lot of 30 children. Having spent most of his life in Mumbai, Sudhakar is very much aware of the popularity of cricket and the immense drive among children to play the sport. Taking cognizance of this fact, Shetty decided to do something to help such children play the game. He found an able ally, who would train the children in cricket and was complemented by his wife who undertakes tuition classes for the kids. The kind of work done in the rural areas of Thane district is immense and indeed incredible.

The Maxtalent Global Sports has multiple teams of different age groups that tour overseas to places like India, South Africa, United Kingdom and Oman. These tours not only provide global exposure to the players but also helps them to learn from their overseas counterparts. While talking to Sudhakar Shetty about these tours, he added, “When we tour Mumbai, I make it a point to get atleast one player from Dugadgoan to stay with the Dubai team in the hotel. This practice helps the local boy to learn from the foreign team as well as allows the Dubai team to understand the way in which cricket is played in Mumbai”.

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This is a massive project undertaken by Sudhakar Shetty and needs support from all cricket lovers out there to make this project a success. Any kind of support, monetary or non-monetary, is welcomed with open arms. If you wish to contribute / donate money please click the link below. This is a unique opportunity for all cricket lovers to contribute in a small way that will certainly go a long route in helping these special kids to play the game. 

Adivasi Kids enjoying a day out

Cricketgraph feels proud to be associated with Sudhakar Shetty who is on such a noble mission. Just like Cricketgraph, if you are also interested in getting associated with Sudhakar Shetty and his magnanimous work for the kids of Dugadgoan, kindly contact cricketgraph. Any kind of support; monetary or non-monetary, will be welcomed with open arms. Here’s a chance for all the cricket lovers to contribute in a small way that will certainly go a long route in helping the special kids to play the game.



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