Dr. Aditya Khatri, a Physiotherapist expert in sports domain.


Cricket has seen lots many changes ever since it was played a more than a century ago. The attraction has always been on players playing on the ground by the spectators, viewers. But behind this is lot of hard work and efforts undergone to make it happen for players. Today they have become a must on and off the ground. The physiotherapists who are one of the most important factor to get a team and its players going.

Dr. Aditya Khatri is young, enthusiastic and raring to go. Having done his B.P.T.H. in 2013, he plans to specialize in Sports therapy.  While he was on Job with leading teams in other sports, he hopes to make it big. The shoulders and ankle are couple of common injuries he has come across in his experience with cricketers. Especially the throwing arms being the most common which leads to shoulder pain. Giving importance to warm up routines is the key factor to keep oneself fit and the need to cool down after the game to restore blood supply to heart is very important. Ankle is one injury Dr. Khatri feels is another common injury he has come across.
Its early days for Dr. Aditya Khatri. But the best part is today the cricketing fraternity recognises their importance on the field. while they were present in earlier days but mostly confined to almost back doors. Certainly the game is giving its due to those who contribute for the progress of it.
Article by Venkatraman Iyer
Sr.Editor & commentrator @ www.cricketgraph.com
Venkatraman Iyer


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