Foot Work and Base Position drill for Wicket Keepers

Wicket keeping is the most underrated and the most toughest and thankless job in cricket. Here in this video coach sumeet khanna aims to demonstrate basic foot work and base position drills for wicket keepers through his young student Aalap Dasmahapatra. 

Start with a ball in 1 hand and a ball on each come abt a metre either side of the stumps.As you move across,your feet should come together in the middle and you should stay in low position. Feet and chest should b facing forward all the time.This ensures the body is in a strong position an you get much better reach.
One of the key benefits of this drill is that it helps in getting a better reach at the ball and ensures the body is in strong position. 
This article & video is contributed by Coach Sumeet Khanna. 

Sumeet Khanna is an active cricketer, playing at top divisions in MCA.

He is a MCA Level O certified coach. Apart from coaching at few clubs in western mumbai, he contributes to cricketgraph regularly to help the cricket community at large.

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