D.P.C. Cricket Ground Matunga

D.P.C.Cricket Ground Matunga

D.P.C.Cricket Ground is available on rent for playing cricket tournaments. Ground is located in Matunga at Mumbai. 


D.P.C is Multi-Sports ground situated between Matunga and Dadar off the highway/ Main Road. Only Tennis Ball Cricket Matches can be played on this ground.
Open for – Corporate & Clubs 
Available on – Monday To Sunday 
Allowed to play with- Tennis Ball 
Ground Size – 48 Meters 


Multiple Pitch Ground
Open for – Corporate & Clubs
Allowed to play with – Tennis Ball
Ground Size – 50 to 55 meters boundary
Pitch – Natural Turf Wicket
Common Toilets, Drinking Water Facility Available 
Umpire & Scorer Available ( Extra Charges Applicable here ) 


Morning Slot- 09:00 AM To 01:00 PM (For Saturday and Sunday) 
Afternoon Slot- 01:15 PM To 04:00 PM (For Saturday and Sunday) 
Full Day- 09:00 AM To 04:00 PM (For Monday To Sunday) 
Night Slot- 06:30 PM To 10:30 PM

Ground Fees– 


Full Day- Rs.1000/- (For Monday To Friday)


Morning Slot- Rs.8000/- 
Afternoon Slot-Rs.8000/-
Full Day- Rs.16000/-
Night Slot Rs.15,000/-

Rules & Regulation-
D.P.C. Cricket Ground Matunga is a cricket ground on rent in Mumbai
Full payment to be made in advance
Booking to be done in advance.
Refundable Deposit :- Rs.20,000/- This amount will be transferred back to bank account. 
For booking a letter has to be submitted with clear purpose


Dadar Union Sports Club Ruia College Road Lakhamsi Nappu Rd Matunga Central Railway Workshop, Hanuman Nagar, Dadar East Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019


Weekends / Night

Rs.15000/- Booking for the Night Slot
₹15000Book Now

Weekends / Full Day

Rs.16000/- Booking for the Full Day
₹16000Book Now

Weekends / Afternoon

Rs.8000/- Booking for the Afternoon Slot
₹8000Book Now

Weekends / Morning

Rs.8000/- Booking for the Morning Slot
₹8000Book Now

Weekdays / Night

Rs.15000/- Booking for the Night Slot
₹15000Book Now

Weekdays / Full Day

Rs.10000/- Booking for the Full Day
₹10000Book Now

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