Prabodhan Cricket Ground

Prabodhan Cricket Ground, goregaon, mumbai

Prabodhan Academy Cricket Ground is available on rent for playing cricket tournaments. Ground is located in Goregaon, Mumbai. 

Description –
Prabodhan Cricket Ground is an decent small sized cricket ground right in a concrete jungle, surrounded by buildings on all the sides. 

What you may like about this ground
1. Decent pitch for leather ball cricket and heavenly pitch for tennis ball cricket matches
2. High scoring matches due to very short straight boundaries and overall smaller ground size.
3. Even outfield with mostly green patches and non-grassy patches in between.

What You may not like
1. One of the wickets is quite elevated which may result in injuries to a bowler in follow through or fielding. It is also not apprecited by professional batsmen while running between the wickets.
2. Due to the smaller outfield size a lot of time is wasted in getting the ball back to the ground. 
3. On one end of the straight boundary is a swimming pool and occasionally you may find the ball landing up in the pool. 

For Spectator & Players
1. Well maintained toilet area with regular water supply
2. One of the best pavilions with Ac , fans and BIG mirror
3. Off street parking is mostly available. 
4. Good viewing area on all side of the ground

This ground is available for rent from Mondays to Saturdays. Sundays its not avaiable since it open to general public. For matches its available from 9 am to 4pm. They are very strict on 4pm deadline since they have to make it available for general public post 4pm. 


Solo Ground
Open for – Corporates & Clubs
Allowed to play with – both leather & tennis ball
Ground Size – 40 to 45 meters boundary
Pitch – Natural Turf Wicket
Facilities – Toilets, of street parking facility, Scoreboard & Pavilion
Umpire & Scorer Available ( Extra Charges Applicable here ) 

Day – 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Ground Fees– 
Weekday or Weekend – Rs.21010/- ( Full Day )

Rules & Regulation
Prabodhan Cricket Ground is a cricket ground on rent in Mumbai
Monopoly ground no outside Catering and Decorator allow here
For booking deposit of 3k in advance which is refundable 
For ground rentals a letter has to be submitted 7-8 days in advance
Booking to be done in advance. 

Prabodhan Cricket Ground, Prabodhan Krida bhavan road, Siddharth Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400104, India.

Ground Available on Rent

Booking For Full day - ₹ 21010

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Available on Weekday & Weekend

Booking For Full day - ₹ 21010

Book Now    or Enquire Now

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