How 9yr old mini Shane Warne Yatarth Yadav won the hearts in the Grand Finale of NATARAJ PENS presents ‘Mumbai ka Accurate Bowler” Event

The stage was set, the tables were out, the nets were ready and the wicket was rolled. Yes after a thumping response from various chapters all over Mumbai, it was now time for the Grand Finale NATARAJ PENS presents Mumbai ka most accurate bowler event at the ithink sportszAcademy in Kandivali.

The finalists and winners of the earlier chapters showed up with full grit and determination, the winner of last week’s Mulund’s chapter Pranay Gavande started practicing with other boys from 7am in the morning itself while so many boys once again from different corners of Mumbai along with the finalists and winners of the earlier chapters who were directly given an entry into the 2nd round made it.

Overall 150 students made it to the 1st round of the Grand Finale where in 91 boys were from School and 58 were from College. 50 boys overall made it to the 2nd round while only 18 qualified for the 3nd round.

Then came this 9yr old little genius who had came to the Kandivali Chapter earlier too- the cute little Shane Warne who was the center of attraction of all the spectators. At the age of 9, he was hardly affected by pressure surrounding him, people watching him, his spin was actually an indicator of how good a spinner he will go on to become in the coming days while his accuracy to hit the timbers in every round made him earn fans overnight. This little dynamo surpassed hundreds of boys hitting all the 3stumps, then two and then even the final timber. And that was not all, he again won the sudden death/knockout round too where he was competing with 3 other players. It’s really difficult to hit a single timber twice as a spinner on an uneven wicket under so much pressure where hundreds of people are watching you but Yatarth Yadav excelled all the levels with his superlative talent.

9yr old Yatarth who is a right-arm leg spinner and lives in Goregaon East studies in Model Public School has certainly made his parents, friends and his school proud winning the grand finale of NATARAJ PENS– Mumbai Ka Accurate bowler title. Yatarth was gifted a high quality kit bag from RM Sports, NATARAJ PENS Goodies, a winners certificate from NATARAJ PENS and Cricketgraph along with a Kimati Pink Leather Ball which must have certainly made this mini Shane Warne’s day.







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