18yr old Pranay Gavande from KJ Somaiya college, the winner of NATARAJ PENS Mumbai ka Accurate Bowler of Mulund Chapter

The over-whelming response continues for this initiative by NATARAJ PENS and this time it was at Mulund at PT’s academy. The nets were ready, pitch rolled, the registration desk ready and as always we saw hundreds of aspiring cricketers coming here to give their best. 

The start to the event was a bit worrying as initially the bowlers were finding it hard to hit the stumps but the second half was quite a comeback where the bowlers finally got into the groove. There were 113 players who registered for the 1st round but eventually only 32 made it to the 2nd round. In the 3rd round, only 13 bowlers were qualified who while only 3 players made it to the Knockout round.

Then came this boy Pranay Gavande- 18year old right arm fast bowler from KJ Somaiya who left everyone shocked and impressed with his superlative accuracy. The best part about this fast bowler was not only was he hitting the deck really hard and generating good pace for his age but he also smashed the stumps in all the three rounds in single attempts. In 3balls, he was tested to the hilt but he emerged out to be a winner. Pranay  bowled 6 deliveries out of which he smashed the timber 4 times out of which twice was  single stumps (the itip gel pen powered stump) which is really difficult. In the final knockout round too where he was competing with 3bowlers, Pranay nailed it with really impressive accuracy winning the knockouts in style.

Pranay was gifted a Winners Certificate from NATARAJ PENS , NATARAJ PENS goodie and stunning high quality batting pads from sports equipment sponsor RM Sports by the founder Rajeev Mishra. Once again the success story continues as this initiative by NATARAJ PENShas helped in spotting talented bowlers from different corners of Mumbai.

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