Maxtalent Master Batting Class by Lalchand Rajput

Maxtalent with Lalchand Rajput

Maxtalent Global Sports has already become a household name in Dubai, thanks to the
persistent efforts of Mr. Sudhakar Shetty, that are aimed at taking Dubai cricket to a higher
level. This academy is not a typical place where the budding cricketers come, practise, and
leave. But there is something more to it. The students of this academy are fortunate to seek
guidance from many of the former cricketers. For instance, by Saqlain Mushtaq on during
2017 visited the Maxtalent Global Sports academy in the summer of 2017 to impart training
on spin bowling. Under the banner of Maxtalent Master Spin Class, the young and budding
cricketers got a chance to not only interact with the spinning wizard but also seek first hand
coaching from him.
After the success of Maxtalent Master Spin Class, Mr. Shetty thought of doing something
similar for the batsmen of his academy. The batting equivalent of Maxtalent Master Spin
Class which was called the Maxtalent Master Batting Class was conducted during the last
four of December 2017 (December 28 – December 31). The students of the academy could
not have asked for a better new year gift than this. The four-day camp was conducted by none
other than one of the India’s finest batsmen; Lalchand Rajput, at Al Nasr Sports Club Dubai.
“The after thought was that the Maxtalent Master Batting Class might not match the success
of Maxtalent Master Spin Class. However, to our pleasant surprise, Maxtalent Master Batting
Class exceeded our expectations. Even though it was holiday period, the turnout was
tremendous. We even had aspiring cricketers from Abu-Dhabi and Fujairah turning up for all
the four days of Maxtalent Master Batting Class programme”, exclaimed Mr. Shetty.
The former India Player, 2007 Team India T20 World Cup Winning coach, India A Team
coach, Mumbai Indians coach, an integral part in getting Afghanistan to Test playing nation
status as head coach, a Consultant & Patron of Maxtalent Trust program
#towards_being_equal and Adivasi development program in Maharashtra, the maestro
batsman Lalchand Rajput made the optimum utilization of the time available and shared the
tricks and trades of batting business. Using Virat Kohli as an example, he laid strong
emphasis on diet and fitness, and expressed that the discipline with respect to eating habits
and exercise complement the cricketing skills of the players. Besides providing and sharing
in-depth batting techniques to trainees between the age group of 12 and 19 years, he himself
got into action. He demonstrated the technical flaws and justified the reasons for failure of
batsmen with poor technique.
To test the knowledge and skills that were absorbed by the players during the camp, an
internal match was played. The temperament of the players during different match situations
was also gauged during the course of play. After the match, Jardel Pereira, a trainee at
Maxtalent averred, “Shot making has now become much more simplified after executing the
techniques that were told by Lalchand sir”.
The last session of Maxtalent Master Batting Class was meant for the coaches. The coaches
engaged in brainstorming session with Rajput, who provided not only valuable inputs to
improve players’ fitness, but also prepare the players for crunch match situation. He also
addressed the queries regarding the challenges faced by coaches while coaching the players.

The former India player was of the opinion that the coaches should adapt according to the
players and understand that every player is different. His parting message to the coaches was
to get to know about newer techniques, out of the box training methods, and to make the art
of cricket teaching more interesting.
On conclusion of the Master Class, trophies were handed out by Lalchand Rajput to Kris
Dholaki, Vinayak Maharaj, and Aryan Vijaykumar, students of Maxtalent Global Sports.

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