Neil Narvekar & Swapnil Salvi, Friends off the field & On the field.

Neil Narvekar & Swapnil Salvi

Swapnil Salvi and Neil Narvekar both school mates play cricket for different clubs in Mumbai however they get united overseas and play for the same team in a cricket league in US. 

A while back in 2016, Swapnil Salvi played for a cricket club in U.S, 22 yards cricket club and did really well for himself in the Washington league. in one of the matches he completely decimated their opponent team – Potomac cricket club. Potomac cricket club was both dejected and impressed. However the dejection didn’t last long and they were so impressed with his performance that they stole (bought) Swapnil from 22 yards and got him to play for their own team in 2017. 

Swapnil stayed true to his reputation and again performed well for Potomac Cricket Club in 2017. 

Potomac asked Swapnil for any more references of cricketers to represent their club. And Swapnil without any hesitation referred Neil Narvekar and Neil too landed with a contract from the same club. 

Cut to present (2018) both Swapnil & Neil continue their dominance in the US cricket league playing against some big international cricketers like Asif & Abdur Rehman from Pakistan. 

We wish both the mumbaikar cricketers long lived friendship & success in cricket. 

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