New Cricket Coaching Methods and Pattern

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Cricket Coaching methods and pattern.

How we look at today’s cricket and its coaching pattern or style.

There are few aspects of the game, we could stick to one for its brief understanding. So I have chosen batting randomly.

The world right now witnesses 6 top world class batters as per my knowledge and understanding. No discrimination or bias judgement it solely relying on my years of playing and coaching experiences.

Just to make the point clear the batsman we are talking about are Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Faf Du plessis, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson and Dinesh Chandimal.

I know quite a few won’t go with my best 6, let me clear that this article is not about whose the best batsmen in the world.

The point we would be discussing here is that all the batters quoted above are quite different in the way they perform the art of batting. They all are quite successful and different in their approach, pattern, style in which they bat.

So what would be the best way for a youngster to learn the art of batting, whom does he follow. Some might say pick the one close to the way the learner plays or has modelled his game as per his role model.

All the coaching manuals and courses aren’t close to any of the above mentioned players. What they have been learning at their academies or institutions would differ to their role models style or pattern of playing.

What’s the solution earlier we planned to set a course which could have a base of coaching all the players in a similar way and then we explained them that all the players are different and have their unique way to perform his skills.

The courses have been twisted and tilted as per the requirement of the institutions and not based on research.
If a batsman would score plenty of runs that season everyone would give his example and ask others to copy his style or pattern of playing.

What would be an ideal coaching manual, how would it help the youngsters to develop into a independent thinking cricketer or athlete. The role of the coaches would keep changing from a beginner, amateur to professional.

Hope the current governing body could develop something where the module is based more on understanding and awareness programme as this sports need constant changes as per the requirement of each ball the batter faces.

On a serious note what’s happening in today’s coaching is more to do with personal pattern and experience of individual players who have turned coaches.

What we can learn from the above mentioned players top 6 players is that they all are aggressive and wants to win matches for their teams.
They have leadership qualities and their own system to improvise, what works best for them.

We need to develop a system which will enhance the individual growth and leadership qualities. Whether they are batters or bowlers.

What I feel is there has to be a basic guidance about any skills involve in the game related to balance and stability, moving onto transfer of weight. Then comes the surface on which they would be playing or performing the skill. Example the pace and bounce of the wicket. Specific pattern to play different format of the game. (Test, ODI,T20)
Attitude or mentality to approach towards any format of the game.i.e. Mental part of the game(courage and confidence)

There should be few patterns and rules to develop cricketers at different stages of their career.
Primary or beginners, Amateur and professionals or we could put it as age cricketer, club cricketer and state or national level cricketers.

The whole idea is not to criticise the current coaching pattern or system, but to think over what we have been doing and how much practically is it helping us develop the game of cricket or cricketers.

All the sports around the world has gone through various changes not just in playing but also the way it’s been coached.

Coming back to batting could we initiate some research and draw a plan to simplify the coaching methods.
Teach them the skills and differentiate between the talent and hardworking players.
There are no odd players out there everyone has worked out the best system which works for him from Mr Chanderpaul to Mr Amla.

This article is more for awareness and understanding for coaches, players , parents and institutions to take a note about the changes happening in the game.
The dynamics of the games have changed from 180 to 360 degree. So we can’t stay with our earlier fundamentals and basics.

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1 Comment

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    absolutely write Umesh

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