No Focus on technique these days: Sanjay Bhardwaaj


One of the most respected cricket gurus present in Delhi/NCR. Head Coach of DDCA affiliated – Lal bahadur Shastri Cricket Club. A PHD by qualification and level 3 BCCI Coach. A guide whose pupils went on to bring laurels for the country, Gautam Gambhir being one of them.

We are referring to Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaaj, who we were able to spot in his academy one evening. Let’s have a look at what he feels on few important cricket issues at the local level:

Current State of junior level cricket in Delhi

School level quality is declining with every passing day. T20 cricket has affected the skill set of upcoming cricketers. Days Cricket is not happening on a large scale now. All tournaments are mostly T20.

Student’s Focus

The young cricketers don’t know much about test cricket now, practically, as they don’t get a lot of opportunities to play the same, especially at the junior level. IPL is one of the reasons for this change. Focus on technique and application is reducing with run scoring becoming a priority.

LB Shastri Club

LB Shastri Club

Players’ Preference

Young boys are inclined towards batting for obvious reasons. One more reason for the diminishing interest in bowling is that bowlers only get to bowl a maximum of 4 to 8 overs in the local level tournaments. This is a hindrance in preparing a good bowler as there is lack of practice. Test/Days Cricket is required to enable bowlers to bowl longer spells and apply their skills developed in nets.

Women’s Cricket

Current state of girl’s cricket is not something to speak about. Basic structure is almost nil. It’s important to have facilities, policies that make it easier for girls to take up cricket as a sport at school level. If we are not providing any such facilities and expect that we will have a good senior team later on then we are at fault. It’s important to improve the basic infrastructure and provide initial guidance in any sport.

Advice for Upcoming Players

My advice to all students is, “Focus on studies and learn the things with your heart & soul. Do not rush into becoming a big player. Spend time honing your skills and play good cricket with sportsman spirit.”


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