BCCI Approved Kimati Rebel Red Leather 4 piece cricket ball


Kimati is a cricket ball manufacturer based out of Punjab and manufactures  balls for quite a few sub-brands and sold widely since 1968. Cricketgraph has selected one specific model which is highly recommended and rated by active cricketers community – The Kimati Rebel White leather cricket ball

Product Description


  • 4 piece white leather cricket ball
  • Alumn hide finished leather
  • 51/2 ounce weight and size as per BCCI standards

What you may like

  • Ball does not loose its shine even after 10-12  overs depending on ground conditions.
  • Ball will retain its shape and size even after powerful hammering.
  • Highly recommended for T20 or 50 overs match on any type of ground.
  • Bowlers both seamers and spinner would love this ball. Seamers for the fact that ball would continue to swing for long time and spinners would enjoy the grip on the ball.
  • This is also a good cricket ball to be used in net practice provided you are ok with the ball costs.
  • Very easy to sight as a batsman and for fielders in the outfield near boundaries

This ball belongs to the value for money category of cricketgraph. 


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