Running between the wickets is at the very core of teamwork in Cricket

The sharply single taken helps a batting pair to rotate the strike. A single keeps the scoreboard ticking over when the bowling is tight. All running between the wkts should be done with aggression as to squeeze as many runs as possible out of a well placed shot. This places pressure on the opposition, often leading to a miss-field or an errant throw. The Non striker should hold his bat in the hand close to the bowler. There are only 3 calls.. yes, no and wait which should b made loudly. The Bat should be carried in the both the hands for Balance and to gain maximum speed while running. The hand holding the handle of the bat should be switched, as appropriate before turning to have a best view of the ball. 

In this video you would see Both the batsman’s name are Siddhant Singh and Vinit Mestry practicing at Swing Sports Motivation academy with coach Sumeet Khanna.

This article & video is contributed by Coach Sumeet Khanna. 

Sumeet Khanna is an active cricketer, playing at top divisions in MCA.

He is a MCA Level O certified coach. Apart from coaching at few clubs in western mumbai, he contributes to cricketgraph regularly to help the cricket community at large.

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