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After the comfort and preciseness in bat grip, it is the feet distance, knees flexing in stance that needs to be compact, suitable for batsman’s game and is reflection of approach of his mind.

As most of you are aware that stance distance is decisive in providing a batsman with 1] Stability,   Greater the feet distance i.e. broader/wider the batsman’s stance- the more stable is batsman but lesser mobile, means slower /lesser footwork   &          2] Mobility, i.e. lesser the distance in feet /narrower the stance , quicker is the batsman in his footwork but at the same time lesser is his stability.

The mind body coordination of batsman’s mind & feet distance are connected in a way that 1] Batsmen who have aggressive/active approach in mind most occasions are quick mover means their minds act faster ,  You can look at the wider stance of most of attacking batsman in world cricket as they are extra active in mind so having  wider stance provides  them with necessary stability for executing their mind’s aggressive intends with better balance and more power in their stroke play.

Whereas for batsmen who are very stable in mind, have calm, composed mind have narrower stance / lesser distance in feet which facilitates them with quicker footwork for their stroke play.

The knee flexing in stance is also connected with mind approach. Batsmen with stubborn/closed minds have knees slightly more flex and batsmen with open/flexible mind have knees slightly stiffer or less flexed as you can say as it works well for them.

Few batsmen does increase or decrease their stance feet distance as per the batting approach required in match . You may see few exceptions to mind-body coordination of stance feet distance stability-mobility principal but if you study their mind approach and stance feet distance deeply then you will find same principal working in more or less degree.

So the idea is to know your mind approach and suit /adjust  your stance feet distance for complementing your game which requires both stability and mobility for consistent & effective stroke play.

Sandeep Dahad

Sandeep Dahad

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