SD Mind Body Cricket Talk – The Square Cut

Rahul Dravid square cut in Sandeep Dahad mind body cricket talk
Image used only for reference

The mind body connection for square cut is where mind’s razor sharp focus & enthusiasm is been facilitated with freedom of slap like expression of a delivery which is definitely short in length and providing enough room to a batsman to cut it , slap it for a nice aggressive stroke which very well may go for a boundary.
A batsman’s mind is sheer delighted to see a short , out side off delivery which he indeed finds a treat to be enjoyed & thus body is positioned in such a way that it simply gives direction to this delivery with horizontal swing of bat.
HOW TO PRACTICE: As Bowlers Keep bowling a line on off stump or just out side off stump so any delivery pitched slightly short out side off stump is excellent opportunity to score so batsman should play lots and lots of square cuts on various pitches to get correct footwork and to get used to pace and bounce of ball to be square cut effectively of both fast bowlers as well as spinners.


Batsman playing square cut sandeep dahad mind body cricket talk





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