Coach Corner – Subhash Sarmalkar

Subhash Sarmalkar

They say when you are not playing the game any more, one best thing you may do is to give it to others of what you know.
Subhash Sarmalkar cricket Academy started in April 2010 by Mr. Sarmalkar at M.E.T sports ground, Bandra,  with the purpose of pushing all aspects of cricket who were and are part of the Academy.

Speaking to Mr . Sarmalkar, as young as 6 year old to youngest at 48 are learning more about the game in his academy.  Yes a 48 year cricketer is as young as any other cricketer where the game has never put age as an barrier.
Today the academy has about 70 budding and upcoming talents who one day would like to make it big. These are school & college students and others.
Talking about making it big, a proud Mr. Sarmalkar mentioned how Ms. Jemima Rodrigues made it to the Indian, West Zone and Mumbai team. She has remained unbeaten in most of her knocks.
Another talent who went to the next level was Manas Raikar who played for Mumbai Under 14 and Under 16.
Truly Mr. Sarmalkar’s vast Kanga league experience playing in A division for 10 years and his stints with University is paying dividends. We wish him and his academy all the best for the future.



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