The Story Of A Local Mumbai Boy Who Can Genuinely Clock 140 Plus With The Ball!

Jay Chandarana

Before we introduce this boy named Jay Chandarana, let us be educated with a fact that fast bowling, at a raw pace and consistency requires high levels of fitness and body strength. Only charging in fast & talent can never make you survive as a fast bowler. Its your body fitness which plays a huge part in a fast bowler’s journey to a great career. The body must be able to cope up with the strength and pressure which a fast bowler has to exert to extract pace at consistent levels.

Apart from a few successful names in pace bowling like Imran Khan, Brett Lee, Waqar Younis, James Anderson, Dale Steyn, Wasim Akram to name a few, hundreds of bowlers arrive at the international scene everyday but they can’t survive more than a few years or a few seasons, the only reason being that a fast bowler goes through a lot of injuries, fitness issues and loss of pace over the time. The body has to cope up a lot to exert pace, line & length at consistent levels. Talented pacers right from the likes of Shaun Tait, Shoaib Akhtar, Jason Gillespie, Michael Kasprowicz, Shane Bond, Irfan Pathan, VRV Singh, Umesh Yadav, Varun Aaron, Ashish Nehra, Munaf Patel to name a few from a list of many at international level have got their careers cut short because of injuries, loss of pace or their body not being able to cope up & support them.

That said, some bowlers are born with a genuine talent to bowl fast and so is this local mumbai lad Jay Chandarana who genuinely clocks the ball above 140 consistently. Its not a normal sight to see a bowler bowling at such consistent speeds at a local level, but this boy has been an exception. More than that, Jay’s talent with the ball has gone a little unnoticed too.

With the help of his childhood friend Krishna Nathwani who gave us a lot of inputs and getting in touch at times with Jay himself, we got to know a lot of things about his journey so far-

Jay started playing cricket since he was 10 & as he said “Initially it was just in my area that I played gully cricket. But after playing for quite some time, I realized that I can generate good pace in my bowling. That’s when I decided to take it a little seriously. So started with shiv seva cricket academy which had a tie-up with Payyade Cricket Club”

When he was 13, Jay joined Payyade in a summer camp where he was regarded as the fastest bowler by the coaches.

Again after a year he attended the Payyade summer camp and he shone bright for them.

But as the fate goes for any talent- he stated.    “He did not know why he was not interested in playing/practicing regularly. That’s the reason he did not play for his school team either”.

“But during the sessions at Payyade he realized that he had something uncommon” which urged him to make a comeback again.

Jay who has so far played for Payyade at inter club level, has represented MCC Cricket Club Mumbai B side as a skipper in 2010 where his team won against Nepal and U.P and came back as champions.Then again came a time, for some reasons Jay stopped playing cricket. But as we say when you like something from your heart, you don’t let it go. And then Jay again started playing after 2 long years.

He started off with his caste tournaments.

“I became a part of my caste team i.e HLM in the most famous tournament Mid-Day Cricket Tournament from last 3 years out of which they were Champions for 2 years (2013 &2015)”

While he states that his mentor and his good friend (Ketan Thakkar) has been his inspiration.

After performing well he also got an offer to play for an MCA club called Young Maharashtra Cricket Club (B Division) where in he stated “I played one good season with them giving out good performances for the team and taking few important wickets for them. I got a good exposure throughout the season”

After waiting for few a odd months (off season) Jay got an opportunity from overseas (Kenya). A club called Stray Lions CC gave him an opportunity to play in their team. Obviously he grabbed it with both the hands & today he is playing for that club in NPCA tournament held in Nairobi under Cricket Kenya. Going through his recent form, hard work and his journey till Kenya-Jay has also stated that there are positive chances he may get a call up to represent the National Team of Kenya too! Just recently he played alongside the likes of Yusuf Pathan in Kenya while his favorite memories remain to be winning the NPCA league and Mid Day Tournament 2 times.

Jay who remembers to have taken 5wicket hauls 5 times so far in his career measured his speed at BKC with a speed gun when he was around 19 where in he maintained an average speed around 135 to 145 which is quite good! All in all, we wish Jay who is only 24 who also has age by his side gets all the opportunities which he deserves & continues to break the stumps with record breaking speeds! We wish seeing him touch 150kmph soon!

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