68th Salarjung Community Cricket Tournament 2017

68th Salarjung Community Cricket Tournament 2017

Islam Gymkhana  has Organised “68th Salarjung Community Cricket Tournament 2017” is MCA level  Cricket tournament played with leather ball starting from 1st April, 2017.

Total No of Overs : – 20 Overs
Total No of Teams – 18 Teams
Format – League Matches

1st April 2017.

Islam Gymkhana Cricket Ground, Marine Lines, Mumbai

All Mumbai’s “A” and “B” Divisions Club Teams (Which are registered Under MCA)

Winner Trophy 
Runner Up Trophy

Islam Gymkhana will provide cap and ball to the participating team
Ball for the tournament dully approved by MCA will be provided to each team

1) The Tournament shall be played on 20 overs per innings T-20 Format. One Day Basis.
   Timing : 10:00 AM To 01:00 PM and 02:00 PM To 05:00 PM
2) All the matches shall be played on the dates fixed and as per the model rules circulated by M.C.A and the Laws of Cricket.
3) Most Important :- 4 Muslim Players Compulsory (Must be registered with MCA) Others players should be Registered with the MCA for the respective clubs they are participating. Failing which they will not be allowed  to participate in the Tournament.
4) The Secretaries of the clubs are requested to make their grounds available for the matches.
5) The Secretaries of the clubs are requested to forward the copy of the score sheet immediately within 24 hours  of the conclusion of the match to the office of Islam Gymkhana. No claim for any prizes will be considered in the absence of any score sheets.
6) The Umpire for your match will be sent directly by the Hon. Secretary Board of Umpires, Mumbai Cricket Association There will no Umpire charges and Ground charges.
7) The Secretaries of  the participating Clubs are requested to Confirm the Venue from the Undersigned by Thursday  proceeding the day of the match.
8) All prticipating clubs and their teams are requested to observe strict discipline on and off the field as any       indiscipline will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely in all mattes the decision of the Salarjung  Committee will be final and binding on all participants Concerned.
9) Only one ball will be provided during the match if another required than the team had to arrange for the same  subject to the approval given by the Umpire.

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