Adidas Uprising Open Club T10 Cricket Tournament 2017 Mumbai

Adidas Uprising Open Club T10 Cricket Tournament 2017 Mumbai

Adidas Organized Adidas Uprising Open Club T10 Cricket Tournament is a Open Club Cricket Tournament in Mumbai played with leather ball starting from 25th Oct 2017.

Leather Ball T10:
Straight knock-out
Red Season Ball
Playing squad of 11 players
10 overs a side
Corporate: All corporate matches to be held on weekends. Qualifying teams will play the next round on the second weekend.
School / Academies: All school/academy matches to be held on weekdays.

25th Oct 2017

MULTIPLE VENUES – matches will be played across 2 venues. Please look out for schedule and draws which will be mailed to the captains and will also be available on closer to your match date

Open Club

Rs.1100/- Per Team

Leather Ball T10 : 11 players to play the match. Team squad needs to have a minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 14 players. A team shall be awarded a walk-over if the opposition team has less than 11 players during the start of play.

A player must not use any equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery) as per the Laws of the Game

All players to be in Cricket whites
Teams to carry their own playing kits

The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final and the same cannot be challenged or appealed.
Severe actions will be taken against any player found guilty of disrespecting or misbehaving with the referee and/or opposition players.

Winner to be decided on the basis of (in order of consideration) – this is applicable to all 3 formats.
Least wickets lost while batting
Team which has hit more 6s
Team which has hit more 4s
If teams are still even after considering the above, the winner will be decided by a coin toss

As per the referee’s discretion and subject to the Laws of the Game, fouls may be given.

The following documents must be submitted by an individual at the registration desk on the day of the event:
Complete player registration form with all the following details:
Phone Number
Email ID
Govt. approved Photo ID
Please note for Corporate team registrations, each member needs to carry an official ID Card/Letter from Company HR on letterhead. Any player might be randomly asked for either of these documents to prove authentic employment with the company of which the team is participating. Failure to provide so might result in disqualification of the entire team from the tournament.
Requirements for schools and academies. For Educational Institutions a letter from the Head of Sports/Sports Master/Principal certifying the team to be comprised of students of the said school + identity cards issued by the school. In case of cricket academy, a letter from the Academy certifying the students to be bona-fide members of that academy.
Age Verification for students: School Identity Card / Passport / Aadhaar Card or any other photo ID proof shall be required

Venue, fixtures and timings will be updated on and adidas Uprising facebook page. Any changes in the fixtures or timings will be communicated well in advance via email
Teams should report to the venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of their respective matches. If a team fails to reach the venue during the time of the toss, they forfeit the match.
Players are not allowed to transfer from one team to another after the start of the tournament.
The final decision of any process or dispute/protest will be taken by the organisers of the adidas Uprising and all participants must respect and adhere to the decision.
While precautions have been taken to ensure safety of players, all participants understand and acknowledge that they are playing in Adidas Uprising of their own volition. All players will be required to sign the following disclaimer before taking part in the competition they have chosen.
I agree
to abide by the Rules of the Event
that any decision made by the competition organizers is final with no right of appeal.
that I am medically / physically fit to participate in the Event
that I am medically insured for the Event through personal insurance
I accept that the organizers and all those acting on their behalf disclaim responsibility, financial or otherwise, for:
any loss or damage to personal or other property.
It is the responsibility of competitors and spectators to look after and take care of their possessions.
Injuries sustained during the Event unless there is gross negligence on the organizers side


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