Enthusiasts Premier League(EPL) T20 – Red Leather ball Cricket Tournament 2018

Enthusiasts Premier League(EPL) T20 – Red Leather ball Cricket Tournament 2018

ENTHUSIASTS SPORTS AND WELFARE ASSOCIATION ORGANIZED Enthusiasts Premier League(EPL) T20 – Red Leather ball Cricket Tournament 2018. From 3rd Feg  2018.

Total No of Over’s : – 20  (Red Ball)
Total No of Teams:-8 Teams
Minimum No. 3 Leagues

 (Total teams – 8 
 2 Groups of 4 team each.
Grp 1 and Grp 2 teams will play minimum 3 league Matches each in their respective groups.
The top 2 teams from each group will play in the semifinals and winners would compete in the finals of the EPL Edition 2 Trophy.)

3rd Feb 2019

OFSC, Ambarnath and Asahi glass Factory Ground, Taloja, Navi Mumbai

Only for Corporate teams, Non corporates, Semi Professionals, Unregistered Clubs

Rs. 26000/- Per Team

Awards and Prizes-

Trophies & Medals

  • Cash Prize for Winners – Tournament Winners : Rs.45,101/-
    Runners Up Rs.15,101/-
  • Winner Trophy
  • Runner Up Trophy
  • Man of the Match every match
  • Man of Series
  • Best Bowler
  • Best Batsman
  • Medals for all members limited to 16 for winning team
  • Medals for all members limited to 16 for runner team


·        Participation certificates for all members limited to 16 per team. 
·        Winners and runner will get respective certificates in lieu of participation certificates

Spot Awards 
Spot awards if any will be announced during the events

Participating Players from the Teams  will get  drinking Water + Standard Balls + All Qualified Umpires and Scorers would be provided in all the Matches.
First Aid kit will be available with organizers in case of minor injuries uring tournament


2. For every win in league matches, winning team would gain 2 points and loser with 0 point.
3. For every tied game in the league or KNOCK OUT stages SUPER OVER winner will decide the winners. In case of Tied SUPER OVER, team hitting maximum 4s will be declared winners.
4. In case of a tie in points table in the league stages the team with the better NET run rate would be ranked higher. 5. In case of tie in net run rate team loosing lesser wickets in Tournament will be preferred over the other.
6. Every team is ought to mail their 16 players squad along with the participation confirmation mail. Only organizers have rights to decide on replacement of payers from pre listed playing 16 of a team. This will be allowed only in case of unavoidable circumstances or injury to players during tournament and other unavoidable circumstances. Teams have to produce request for replacement in advance to Organizers. Decision taken by organizers will be final and nonappealable.
7. If a team fails to produce the ids within the stipulated time (Maximum 24 hours after the match, it would be liable to immediate disqualification and NO REFUND would be provided to disqualified team. Documents will be not shown anyone from the protesting team and it will be only with the tournament committee as its the soul body to take the decision.
8. If a team doesn’t show up on the day of the match (and their opponent does) then opponent team would be given bye with full 2 points. NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED in such cases.
9. For appealing against any player or team the processing charges are Rs. 3000/- (Half refundable if appeal is successful).
10. On field Umpires decision would be final during the match and unarguable.
11. MANKAD wicket is not out. ONE warning has to be given to the batsman through the umpire. Onfield umpires will take a call regarding the same.

  1. . Bowlers has to inform the umpire before bowling a ball from behind the umpire back…Or else it will be called as a NO ball and Free Hit is called. All NO balls are free hit.
    13. All the decisions taken by the umpires & Committee regarding the tournament would be final in all respect.
    14. Carrying photo id cards mandatory and should be produced on demand by organizers or opposition team.
    15. Each team should list full names and division of all MCA card holders members if they are part of playing 16 squad and produce copy of their MCA cards in advance to organizers vide email before start of Tournament. Failing to disclose this will lead to disqualification of if MCA players are found to be part of the 16 squad. It will not be disclosed to other teams even in case of appeals and will strictly remain with Organizers
    16. MCA players currently registered or playing for A or B Div will not be allowed. Ex players with gap of 3 seasons will be allowed (Max 1 such player is allowed per team)
    17. Times shield players currently registered or playing for A or B Div will not be allowed. Ex players with gap of 3 seasons will be allowed (Max 1 such player is allowed per team)
    18. Maximum 2 MCA players, currently registered or playing for C or D Div will be allowed per team (This is inclusive of Timeshield C and D division players). Adding more than 2 such players will disqualify team and in such circumstances tournament fees will not be refunded. Ex players with gap of 2 seasons can be allowed.
    19. For Profitable- Private and Public limited corporates only permanent employees (Drawing Salary) of the organizations are allowed. Rule 16, 17 and 18 will not be applicable for permanent employees of organization. No contractual, temporary, Honorary players or such organization are allowed in tournament. Corporates should provide list of permanent players on Company letter head signed by HR and submit to Organizers. Organizers have final decision on waiver of such requirements and decision of not appealable and final.
    20. Non Profit making or charitable organizations/company/partnership or business firms are allowed to be part of the tournament. Permanent employee rules not applicable for such organizations. Rest all rules are applicable.
    21. Current and Ex. State Level Players not allowed.
    22. Match fees once paid is non-refundable and will not be refunded in any circumstances.
    23. Each team to report on stipulated reporting time, failing which overs will be reduced to ensure completion of matches on time or opponent team will be declared winner of that match depending on the delay time and tournament organizer will take a call on the same
    24. Each team to report on stipulated reporting time, failing which overs will be reduced to ensure completion of matches on time or opponent team will be declared winner of that match depending on the delay time and tournament organizer will take a call on the same.
    25. Match format will be 20 overs per side and each innings to be completed in 1.5 hours with buffer of + 15 mins excluding the time lost due to injury, lost ball and any other administrative reasons. Over reduction due to slow over rate will be decided by organizers along with on field umpires.
    26. Arguments and clashes with Umpire, Opponent player and organizers will lead to disqualification of team. Organizers decision is final in such cases.
    27. On field Umpires decision will be final decision and will not be reverted in any situation unless on field umpires decide among themselves overturn their decision.
    28. Organizers have complete right to make changes in any rules during the event within the framework of maintaining fair play and cricket rule books without prior intimations to team.
    29. Players can provide their feedback and grievances if any to organizers in written post end of each match related to arrangements and other administrative issues. Organizers will try to meet team expectations to extent possible and within their scope.
    30. Matches can be rescheduled subjected to ground availability. *Change in dates will be informed in advance to all teams.
    31. In case of serious injury to player during the match, organizers have the right to decide on player replacement.
    32. Each team takes complete responsibility of all their players, their behavior and will bear any losses and damage to place, property during the matches.
    33. Each teams confirm medical fitness of their players and they are fit to play these matches and organizers and ESWA management is not responsible for any injury to players during the tournament and ESWA hold no liability for injury caused during conduct of Tournament. Teams should arrange by self for their medical care and cost involved in treatment of their players in case of onfield or associated injuries.
    34. ** Each team agrees to abide by rules set for the EPL tournament.

Note –

All matches to be played with Red Leather ball matches can be rescheduled depending on ground availability and inevitable circumstances. Teams will be informed in advance. 

Per Team

Rs.26000/- Entry Fees Per Team
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