Mumbai Cricket League Blueref Cup 2017

Mumbai Cricket League Blueref Cup 2017

Blueref Events Team and J K Enterprises Organized  Mumbai Cricket League Blueref Cup 2017

Total No of Overs : – T-15
Total No of Teams :- 9
Format :-  2 League Matches for Per Team.

14th  April , 2017 

Aare Bhaskar Ground Goregaon Mumbai

All Open Clubs Team

Winner Trophy
Runner Up Trophy
Attractive Prizes 

Good Grassy Ground with turf wicket
Live Scoring
Match Balls
Interview Souveniers


  • The tournament will be played as League+Knockout limited to 15over’s a side
  • TOSS :15 minutes before the Scheduled time of start. Captain or his representative should be ready for the toss on time.
  • SESSIONS : In a match there will be 2 sessions of 60 minutes each with 10 minutes interval between the innings.
  • TEAMS LIST : Teams are requested to report half an hour before and submit the list of PLAYERS (11) and 3 substitutes. The players given in the list submitted are supposed to play and no other alternate players are allowed in the match. Substitutes can be used only for fielding.
  • OVER PENALTY : Delayed team will lose 1 over for every 4 minutes Incase of a delayed match where the over’s are reduced, Over’s shall be calculated at the rate of 4 minutes per over to the total time available.
  • MINIMUM BOWLERS : In a single innings, each of the bowlers can bowl a maximum of only 3 overs in amatch.
    • TIE BREAKER : If a match ends in a tie, the outcome is decided by a concept called Super over, Bowl out, Runrate, victory with most wickets in hand, Maximum boundaries per innings, D/L method – Umpires Call.
    • BONCER :- one short-pitched ball is allowed per over. Full toss above the waist level will be called as no ball.
    • POWERPLAY: The ‘power play’ is 4over’s a side, during which a maximum of two fielders can remain outside the 30-yard circle
    • FIELDING RESTRICTIONS : Only 5 fielders can field on the leg side at any point of time. A maximum of two fielders can be outside the ring for first 4over’s in 15 over’s match and a maximum of five fielders can be outside the ring for the remaining 11overs.
    • FREE HIT/NO BALL: If the bowler bowls a no-ball as a result of overstepping only, the next ball shall be a Free Hit. For this ball, the batsman is not given out by any way in the cricket rules apart from being run-out.Captain can change the field setting for free-hit deliveries if there is a change of striker.
    • TIMED OUT: The next batsman has 90 second after the fall of a wicket to get to the crease.
    • BOWLERS ACTION : Bowler suspected action can be objected by umpires provided appeal comes from batsman.
    • PARKING : TWO WHEELERS OR CARS will not be allowed beyond PARKING AREA.
    • INJURY : Any player injured, Umpires can wait up to 90 seconds to resume the match. IF NOT, player should leave the field immediately. Next available player can join the game. The injured player shall come back later & play the game during the course of the match, if he can & runner will given only when he comes to bat at 11th Management shall not be responsible for any accidents, injuries occuring to the players in any circumstances.
    • THEFT/ DAMAGE : The organizing committee and ground staffs are not responsible for theft and lost of player’s kits or valuable things in the ground.
    • MODIFICATION IN RULES : Management holds rights to alter, cancel or modify any existing rules from time to time.
    • BONUS POINT : Which ever Team Wins in 10 Overs shall acquire 1 bonus point. If the both innings get finished within 10 overs still the winning team shall acquire 1 Bonus point.
    • PLAYERS CODE OF CONDUCT: Any player violating the rules of the tournament shall be treated out of the tournament with immediate effect.
      • GAME START : Team Captains should ensure that the match starts within 10 minutes of toss
      • SMOKING & DRINKING ALCOHOL : strictly prohibited at the ground premises. Violation is punishable by the ground authorities.
      • Mobile phones are not allowed inside the playing area.
      • DELAY DUE TO WET OUTFIELD OR WICKET UNDER PREPARATION : Umpires have full right to rearrange the number of over’s. Time lost will be counted as a part of the game. Umpires can apply D/L method.
      • SUBSTITUES: No substitute is allowed for PLAYER ON THE WAY. A max. of 2 fielding Substitutes shall be made during the course of the match. if any substitute fielder fields for more than 4 overs then main player will not be allowed for batting which is applicable for team fielding first only &Team fielding 2nd can depute substitute for full game. ISION : Umpire decision shall be the last decision. No arguments on Umpires decision. Any disagreement on decision shall be provided by the captain only in written to the management. Incase any dispute straight umpire can discuss only with leg umpire & can alter their decision.
        ELAY from Teams : will not be allowed to make any kind of delay after the toss like Eating food, waiting for a player or kit Etc.
    • RULES : All other norms are same as MCA
    • QUALIFYING STRUCTURE : The team winning with highest points/ runrate out of the three group winners shall directly qualify for the finals. The other two group winners shall play semi final & winner of semi finals qualifies for final. Participating teams – 9, No of groups – 3, Team per group – 3, League matches per team – 2, Group winner per group – 1
    • UNIFORM : All Teams should whites or respective team uniform. No player shall be allowed if his uniform does not matches his teams uniform.
    • SAFETY : It is recommended to play safe with the use of protective kit items as helmets with visor & other Guards to protect yourself. Personal safety is individual & his teams responsibility.

    The team captain and all the players have to mandatory read, understand & follow all the rules and regulations given and acknowledge the same.

    We have read the policy of the tournament, our team agree’s to the all policies of the event & pledge to play all the games with genuine spirit of the game.


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