Oneworld of Sports presents The 2017-18 season kicks off from 14th October 2017 and we have an exciting mix of tournaments which promise to keep your adrenaline pumping each weekend. As always there are some fun new innovations in the pipeline. Without revealing too much, we can tell you that come November and you will in all probability discover a new way to watch and follow all the action from the grounds.Here is a calendar of our events

Total No of Over’s : – 20
Total No of Teams:-6-9 Teams
Minimum No. of Matches Guaranteed :- 3 League Matches

14th October 2017

Vengsarkar Academy, Mahul Mumbai- all season
• Vengsarkar Academy, Oval  Mumbai- all season
• Chereshwar Academy, Trombay Mumbai – all season
• Parsee Gymkhana, Marine Drive Mumbai – select days
• Western Railway Ground, Mahalaxmi Mumbai – select days
• Air India Sports Club, Kalina Mumbai – select days
• Sachivalay Gymkhana, Oval Mumbai – select days

Only for Corporate Teams

Rs.56050/- Per Team Including GST

Only Trophies & Medals
Winner Team – Winner Trophy
Runner Up -Runner Up Trophy 
Man of the Matches in all Games to be Awarded Customised Oneworld of Sports T-shirts

Each match day will consist of light snacks in the morning followed by lunch in the afternoon for both teams.
Umpire, Scorers and new balls provided
Bisleri Water provided 

. The players should all be employees of the organization or of interconnected
companies within a particular group. Before the tournament each team will be
required to furnish the names of the players representing them on the
company letterhead (signed by the HR dept or a senior authority)
b). The Acceptance and Entry Forms must be sent on the participating
company’s letterhead with certification by an appropriate authority of the
company. The organizers may request a team to furnish identity cards of the
c). All players will have to wear predominantly white cricket gear. Any players not
doing so will not be allowed to play the match. Besides it would be
compulsory for the players to wear abdomen guards and all batsmen will have
to appear fully kitted with right protective equipment. (This rule is particularly
important for grounds like Elf Oval and Sachvalay Gym, Oval where the
ground custodians – Vengsarkar Academy and Sachvalay Sports Club have
laid down the stricture in order to avoid conflicts with the Oval Residents
d). Although adequate safety precautions have been taken and first aid kits will
be available to treat any injuries sustained while playing, we will not be held
responsible or be liable for any injuries. The players understand and accept
that they will be playing at their own risk
e). One bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs. The balls to be used will be the
ones provided by the Oneworld of Sports Committee. Teams will be allowed
to choose from a box of new balls provided by the organizers but teams
cannot use any other balls apart from those provided by the organizers.
Change of ball during play will be at the sole discretion of the umpires.
f). On the field during play the decision of the umpires would be final and binding
on all players.
g). For records, the official match scorer’s notations will be considered as final.
All scoring would be done thru the “CRICHQ” Mobile Application. These will
be the official scores considered for purpose of conducting the tournament.
h). Corporate T20 matches will be played as per the schedule given to the teams.
i). The teams must report to the scorer’s desk at least 30 minutes before the
scheduled start of the match. The match timings for all days will be as follows
a. Morning Session: Match start – 9:15am – 12:30pm (Teams must report
by 8:45am and the toss will be conducted at 9:00am)
b. Afternoon Session: Match start – 1:00pm – 4:15pm (Teams must
report by 12:30pm and the toss will be conducted at 12:45pm)
Post the toss being conducted in the presence of the umpires, both teams will
be given 10 minutes to be on the field to commence play. Umpires will use
their discretion to warn and/or penalize any team/s which is not ready to
commence its innings.
j). Each team will have 85 minutes to complete their scheduled quota of 20
overs. In case the bowling side does not begin its 20th over before the
completion of the 85th minute the umpire may exercise his authority to award
12 extra penalty runs to the batting side over for every over bowled short
(teams must note that umpires will consider only their own time as well as any
allowances made for stoppage of play during normal course of the game, to
decide if a team is in default. Such decision if applicable will be
communicated at the end of the innings only – appeals for time penalties from
either team will not be entertained). This rule will be applicable in all innings
and the decision will be at the sole discretion of the umpires. The umpires will
inform/forewarn the captain of the bowling side at the drinks break if they feel
that the over rate is slow and can lead to a penalty.
k). A 10 minute break would be allowed to the two sides between change of
l). For NO-BALLS standard MCA rules will apply – FREE-HIT will not be
employed for the tournament.
m). Field Restrictions – At no point in time can a team have more than 5 players
fielding on the leg side. In case there are more than 5 players on the leg side
during a delivery the umpire will be within his rights to call that particular
delivery a No-Ball and instruct the captain to change the field to comply with
the rules.
n). Power Play: During the Power-play overs (Over Nos.1-6) only two fieldsmen
shall be permitted outside this 30 yard Circle at the instant of delivery. During
the non Power-play overs (Over Nos.7-20), no more than 5 fieldsmen shall be
permitted outside the 30 yard circle at the instant of delivery.
o). In the league stage in case of a tie, 1 point will be awarded to each team. In
the knockout stages in case of a tie, the match will be decided on the basis of
a bowl out with 5 bowlers from each side being asked to bowl once each at a
set of stumps. The team registering more hits on the stumps will be declared
winner. In the event of a tie persisting at the end of the bowl out, sudden
death will be employed to decide the winner with one bowler from each side
bowling 1 delivery at the stumps and the first team to hit against the others
miss will be declared a winner.
p). For a result to stand or be arrived at a minimum of 7 overs must be completed
by both sides.
q). In case a match is called off in the 2nd innings (minimum 7 overs completed),
the result will be awarded basis the team which has the better run rate at the
point the match is called off. (For eg. In a match where team A bats first and
scores 140 off their 20 overs RR = 7.0 and team B bats second and scores 75
in 10 overs RR = 7.5 before the games is called off, team B will be awarded
the match on account of better run rate)
r). In the event of a league match being called off due to any reason beyond the
control of the organizers (rains, etc), without a decision being possible (rule q
above) equal points will be awarded to both teams. In the knock out stage if a
match has to be called off without minimum required overs being bowled (in
rule q above) then the victor will be decided on the toss of a coin in the
presence of the 2 umpires. No rematch would be permitted.
s). Points – 3 points would be awarded to teams for a victory in the league stage
while in case of a tie/no-result both teams will be awarded 1 point each.
t). In the league stages the standings would be decided on the basis of points
accumulated. In case 2 or more teams are tied at the same point’s position,
the Net Run Rate (NRR) would be used as a factor to decide positions. In
case 2 teams are tied on points and NRR, the result of the match between
them in the league stage would be considered to decide higher v/s lower

Per Team

Rs.56050/- Entry Fees for Per Team Including GST
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