We are trying to be unique amongst others- Satyam Agarwal, Smashtress

Couple of years ago, Satyam Agarwal and one of his friend read an article about corporate tournament. They were keen to know more about this new field and after doing some research they started their own firm- Smashtress. This is how these erudite people took a U turn and started organizing tournaments of various sports. “We started in December 2012 and the firm was officially registered in early 2013. I used to play Basketball and after completing my engineering I was not getting time to play. After all these research I understood that there is great opportunity in this field and I can remain in touch with the game. This is how it all started,“said Mr.Agarwal.

“These days lots of MNC’s are investing to bring in sports for their employees. In this shorts pan, the firm which we started as a part time business, has grown into one of the prime corporate organization when it comes to corporate sports. Currently we organize tournaments for Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Football and Badminton. We are focused completely corporate sports events.

”Mr. Agarwal talked about how these sports activities benefit the companies and their employees. “These days we see quite often that people are very formal in office. Hence at times they find it difficult to mix up and work together. At the same time they are always under some kind of stress. Sports is a good solution to these problems. When they play in such tournaments, naturally team building activity takes places amongst themselves. Also for these tournaments they bring their families too with them. It is a good outing for them which provides refreshments. Thus it help company as well. Most importantly, they can enjoy the game which they might have played during their school days for the last time.

“Currently they organize tournaments in Delhi NCR. There are few teams which are performing brilliantly in their tournaments. These are limited overs tournaments which they organize.“Currently teams like Market India and WSC group have good cricket teams. Also there are few others but in total we have 40-50 corporate companies as our clients. We are growing now and we are putting in all the efforts,” said Mr.Agarwal

He told about one of his experience of how they managed and organized a volleyball event.“Actually the match was going to start at 2 pm. But somehow the teams reached the venue at1 pm. They thought the match was at 1 pm. We were still doing arrangements and we were surprised to see them at 1 o clock. Yet we work smartly and started tournament within short time thus the time of those teams was not wasted. AT the end of tournaments they applauded us for our efforts. That was a proud moment for me.

”Talking about the uniqueness of his firm he gives this example. “Currently there are 100s of such organizers in Delhi NCR. We want to be different than others. We are trying our level best for that. For example, we are the only organizers who arrange food for the participants and that too a different food at different times. I think that is the prime reason of our success in this short time. Our services, our umpires are of top quality. Whatever we promise them, we always give it to them. “ . With this fervent attitude it is needless to say that very soon their unique organization will reach its apogee.

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