3 Days Online Workshop for Aspiring Cricketers (U12 to U23) Age Group : The Route to a Successful Cricket Career

This lockdown has taught us many things which have been nothing but positive. Many of us have also realized that lockdown can be a good opportunity to cover up those pending things which we did not have time for earlier. Even amongst the cricketers, most of the players are enrolling in some or the other online courses which ranges from Cricket Workshops to Marketing to make the most of their idle time.

These few months of no cricket has been a loss for the young aspiring cricketers as they have lost a crucial season from their career. However, with the rise of social media and technology, many academies and coaches are trying to keep the players in sync with their game through online coaching.

Hence, we at Cricketgraph have come up with an initiative for U12 to U23 Age Group (Boys & Girls) with a 3 Day Online Workshop. The players will get a chance to interact with Mumbai U19 Strength & Conditioning Coach to experienced Cricketers of Mumbai. The students will also recieve guidance on the do’s and don’t’s, the pathway to become a successful cricketer.

The workshop will focus on mental skills & game observation. The other key highlights will be understanding the concept of Strength & Conditioning in Cricket, develop performance analysis to improve session by session in a match. This is also a very relevant opportunity for the parents as well as for for girls who want to or who are pursuing Cricket.

The Online Session will be of 1.5hrs daily conducted over Zoom. The dates for this workshop have been set at 14th, 15th & 16th of May, 2020. The timings will be communicated to all the participants over the mail.

Click on the link to register:

3 Days Online Workshop For Emerging Cricketers



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