A growing bond between Route Mobile & Cricket | Datta Mithbavkar

Route Mobile and Cricket share a very intimate relationship. Be it the cricket enthusiast owners in Rajdip Gupta and Sandip Gupta, or talented cricketer employees in Datta Mithbavkar, Route Mobile is one of the few companies in Mumbai that emphasizes on the importance of the sport within the corporate culture.

Rajdip Gupta has played a quintessential role in carving the cricketing landscape of the company. During his early days in cricket as a kid, he had visited a cricket academy which unceremoniously asked him to leave because he had no shoes. That very day he decided, come hell or high, anybody who comes to him wearing a cricketing heart on his/her sleeve, he would selflessly helps them.  

Under the able aegis of Rajdip, Datta Mithbavkar (commonly known as Datta) has been the bridge that has connected cricket and Route Mobile. Datta has been associated with the company for more than a decade. A while ago, Datta played his first match for Route Mobile at Thakur Village in Kandivali, Mumbai. There he grabbed many eye balls, as he spun a neatly crafted web to pick up a five-wicket haul. Datta’s fifer was the mark of something exciting that was soon to be followed.

Route Mobile has always thrived under the shadow of its passionate owners Rajdip Gupta and Sandip Gupta. “Seeking the support of the management is an essential pre-requisite if you want to do something new in the company”, averred Datta. Fortunately for the ace spinner, the owners are cricket enthusiasts and their passion for the game is simply unmatched.   

After Datta’s heroics with the ball at Kandivali, cricket was taken more seriously in Route and the foundation stone of formally playing the sport in the company was soon laid. The employees of Route Mobile formed a team and started practicing. Datta and co. soon represented Route Mobile in different tournaments including the prestigious Times Shield.

Seeing the success of their cricket team, the owners bought National Cricket Club, one of the best known & reputed cricket clubs in Mumbai. Another feather to its cap was added, when Route Mobile invested in the North Mumbai Panthers, a team that features in Mumbai’s T20 extravaganza.

There is seldom any doubt that Datta is synonymous with Route Mobile’s cricket. The company is known to promote cricket by way of encouraging employees to play the sport as well as recruiting cricketers, who not only get means of livelihood but also the opportunity to play the game. Chivalry is the attribute that can be associated with Datta. Whether it is on the field or off the field, he enjoys the goodwill of being one of the most benevolent human beings. Extending help to others comes naturally to him. Off the field Datta is known to refer cricketers not only in his own company Route Mobile but also outside.

“Ive always wanted to help cricketers and will continue to do so. This influence is also because of my bosses. I have never come across a person like my boss Rajdip Gupta, who has so selflessly & tirelessly worked towards cricket. His passion & love towards cricket is unimaginable”, avers Datta


From left (Datta, Sandip Gupta & Rajdip Gupta)

A humble human being, Datta is indisputably the face of cricket in Route Mobile and plays an instrumental role in the company’s cricket. He started off his career in Route Mobile as a Customer support & currently working as Sports Manager of Route Mobile and partly managing the Mumbai T20 team, Mumbai North Panthers.  

Datta with Prithvi Shaw

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