A Sweet Surprise for Wankhede’s Groundsman Vasant Mohite: Courtesy an Initiative by Cadbury

Cricket indeed has become a cash rich sport. The amount of stakes involved in Indian Cricket especially in leagues like IPL makes Cricket the richest sport in India. No wonder, cricket is in the heart of everybody and the game’s immense popularity has also helped many brands to milk its popularity for their marketing campaigns. In one such positive initiative by Cadbury, the company decided to celebrate the unsung heroes of this Sport –The Groundsman who prepare the pitches and take care of the ground all the time without getting noticed most of the times!

Vasant Mohite – the 57yr old Groundsman at Wankhede received a welcome surprise when his life changed overnight from wearing shorts and plain shirts to Professional Uniforms designed by Masaba. What’s more, Vasant Mohite during all the matches of IPL was dropped to the ground in a designated bus for groundsmen. Their meals and accommodation were also provided in a 5 Star Hotel by Cadbury in an initiative to celebrate the unsung heroes of the game.

Vasant, who has been a dressing-room attendant during match-days since the ’90s, has been serving players and support staff, providing towels, soaps and ice. Vasant Mohite shares he has been lucky enough to have watched some prolific players from close quarters. From Sunil Gavaskar to Sachin Tendulkar to Prithvi Shaw, Vasant has witnessed multiple generations of cricketers from the closest of quarters. Vasant has also witnessed the rise of Sachin Tendulkar as well as the rise and fall of Vinod Kambli.


Vasant Mohite Groundsman
Vasant Mohite -Groundsman at Wankhede


Vasant who has been working as a groundsman at Wankhede since so many years believes this was nothing but a miracle. Vasant shares “we often sleep on the grounds between mosquittos after working hard on preparing the wickets for hours. We have to work in day and night shifts according to the match’s schedule. The matches often end late — their shifts end much later — they couldn’t return home. So they would sleep the whole night in a small room below the Vittal Divecha Stand at the stadium, where mosquitoes made sleep difficult. “Machhar kaat ke deemag kharab kar deta hai (mosquitoes would drive us mad). After the match, we could not go anywhere as train services were shut. So we would sleep in our office at the ground itself. If there is no game, we reach the stadium by 9 am and leave by 6 pm. But on match days, we come in early, and the MCA pays double if we work late,” says Vasant, clad in khaki shorts and a crisp white shirt. –  As per Vasant’s Quote to Indian Express

Such a noble campaign not only touched the hearts of millions of Indians but Cadbury also ensured that they made a bigger place in the hearts of every Indians including our modest Mumbaikar groundsman Vasant Mohite.

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