CricketGraph is a community where cricketers come together to form a collective force, a revolution, a movement for the betterment of local cricket. We are know to “Celebrate D Cricket In You”.

At cricketgraph, we believe there is a room for lots of improvements across every level of local cricket, from clubs, academies, tournaments to brand sponsorship to infrastructure. Whatever we do or aim to do, the first question we ask internally is, “How will this benefit the cricketer”? Yes, cricketers are always central to whatever we do at cricketgraph. Today, CricketGraph is one of the largest community of local cricketers in India

Amol Sonavane | Founder

Playing cricket & everything about cricket turns him on! Ask him to bat top the order or lower down the order, ask him to bowl spin or pace, ask him to be a wicket keeper or a short leg fielder, he would never say No, coz as per him, he is on a high when he is on a cricket field!

Amol continues to drive cricketgraph forward and in his own words “Cricketgraph is possible due to support from the local cricket community and its growing from strength to strength due to this undying support.”

Born & bought up in Mumbai, with a Bsc In Mathematics and a degree in Marketing from New Zealand, he strives to help everyone connected in the local cricket ecosystem.

He can be reached on |

Manoj Sonavane cricketgraph

Manoj Sonavane | Advisor

Manoj plays the same role as Dravid or Pujara played for India in the test matches.

With over 20 years of experience in diverse domains of IT, Finance & law,he is the “cool headed” guy in the team, advises on the strategy & execution at cricketgraph. All the major decisions & ideas get executed post his blessings.

He has completed his BE (Bachelors of Engg) from VJTI, Mumbai, MBA from Emory University USA, BA LLB from Mumbai.

He can be reached on |

Mahesh Sambherao

Mahesh Sambherao | Tech Advisor

No tech problem in the world is too big for Mahesh !

He is instrumental in moving cricketgraph forward in every adversity.
With over 15+ years of experience in IT domain, he was the chief architect in developing a chat bot platform “Chatirfy”.
He continues to push the team in exploring various apps, software and other tools

Prashant Fasge cricketgraph

Prashant Fasge | Business Associate

Being a cricketer and a coach himself in his playing days, Prashant certainly has that cricketing brain to ensure things fall in the right place & perspective.
From handling the business correspondence to various back end operations Prashant takes the responsibility with determination.

He was one of the first to join Cricketgraph and has been with the company till date through the highs & lows.

He can be reached on | 8879418366

Haineel Shah cricketgraph journalist

Haineel Shah | Content Head & Chief Journalist

He dons various roles in cricketgraph, but his core remains “story telling”.

A man of few words in person, but when he is asked to cover a story the furious journalist side takes over instantly. From curating content to ensuring the right news reaches out the masses in the shortest amount of time, Haineel is one hardworking editor behind the scenes & a committed journalist on the field.

Haineel has done B.M.S (Bachelor of Management Studies) from Mumbai University while he has also completed C.S Executive. He has completed his schooling from SVIS which is known for its cricketing background,

Haineel pursued cricket till the age of 16 while he has also penned a book on cricket.

Sanjay Kharat CricketGraph

Sanjay Kharat | Operations Manager

Probably the go-to-man not only for Cricketgraph but for the cricket community as a whole.

Sanjay does a variety of tasks within cricketgraph, but his forte remains operations and is known for a very methodical approach towards work.

No task is big or small for him, ask him to deliver a yorker, bouncer, slow one, doosra whatever, he does that with ease !

He can be reached on | 8097098366