Air India T20 Invitation Cricket Tournament 2019 : The first round of the league matches has been completed.

Tournament was started on 2nd April 2019. And inauguration was done by Shri Kirti Rao (Executive Director Finance) along with Padma Shri Mr. Dhanraj Pillay (former captain of the Indian National Hockey Team). In current year (2019) sixteen teams are participating and divided in four groups. They will play in league basis and two teams from each group will qualify to play in quarter finals. From quarter finals to final tournament will be played on knockout basis. The quarter-finals will be played on April 9,2019.

Tournament was started in year 1962 and organized by Indian Airlines Sports Club (WR), that time tournament named as Indian Airlines Invitation Tournament and it was of 30 overs and knockout basis. Tournament was continued till 2011, but due to financial crises tournament discontinued. After renaming of Sports Club as Air India Sports Club (WR) management appointed Padmashri Mr.Dhanraj Pillay as Honourable secretary of Sports Club. With his efforts and guidance tournament once again started in year 2018 with a popular format of T-2O in league cum knockout basis after gap of six years.

1st Round, Match Updates : –

Match 1
Air India Sports Club(WR) vs NKGSB Co.Op.Bank
Man of the Match- Aditya Pandey
Air India Sports Club won by 55 Runs.

1st Match-Aditya Pandey-MOM from Air India Team-2 April 2019
1st Match-Man of the Match Aditya Pandey from Air India Team score 56 runs in 47 balls (7 Fours and 1 Sixes) 

Brief Scorecard:

Air India Sports Club(WR) – 156 for 6 (20 overs)
Best Bat- Aditya Pandey 56, B.M.Mudliar 33
Best Bowl- Chetan Jadhav 2-29, Rajeev Kamath 2-19

NKGSB Co.Op.Bank – 102 for 10 (19.2 overs)
Best Bat- Rajeev Kamath 35
Best Bowl- B.M.Mudliar 2-3, Aditya Pandey 2-24 and Ruchit Jani 2-23

Match 2
Mumbai Fire Brigade vs MBPT Sports Club
Man of the Match- Hanuj Ambhire
Mumbai Fire Brigade won by 96 Runs.

Mumbai fire Brigade Team
2nd Match-Man of the Match Hanuj Ambhire from Mumbai Fire Brigade Team score 57 runs in 25 balls (6 Fours and 3 Sixes) 
Mumbai Port Trust (MBPT) Team

Brief Scorecard:
Mumbai Fire Brigade – 185 for 5 (20 overs)
Best Bat- Hanuj Ambhire 57, Tenmay Buram 27
Best Bowl- Harshal Jadhav 2-32

MBPT Sports Club- 89 for 8 (20 overs)
Best Bowl- Harsh Adsul 2-14 and Gangadhar Rane 2-12

Match 3
Times Shield Cricket Team vs GIC Sports Club
Man of the Match- Manoj Singh
Times Shield Cricket Team won by 6 wickets.

Times Shield Sports Club Cricket Team
3rd Match-Man of the Match-Manoj Singh from Times Shield Cricket Team took 5 Wkts and score 38 runs in 25 balls (6 Fours and 2 Sixes) 

Brief Scorecard:
GIC Sports Club – 105 for 9 (20 overs)
Best Bat- Nitesh Bhimte 35
Best Bowl- Manoj Singh 5-19, Sandeep Rana 2-21

Times Shield Cricket Team – 109 for 4 (16.3 overs)
Best Bat- Manoj Singh 38 and Sandeep Rana 25
Best Bowl- Kiran D 2-14

Match 4
Western Railway Traffic Sports Club vs Ordnance Factory Sports Club
Man of the Match- Parag Patil
Ordnance Factory Sports Club won by 120 runs.

Ordnance Factory Team
4th Match-Man of the Match Parag Patil from Ordnance Factory Sports Club Team score 46 runs in 35 balls (3 Fours and 2 Sixes) and took 2 Wkts 
Western Railway Traffic sport club Team

Brief Scorecard:
Ordnance Factory Sports Club – 178 for 6 (20 overs)
Best Bat- Rugved More 57, Parag Patil 46
Best Bowl- Anand Mane 2-35

Western Railway Traffic Sports Club – 58 for 10 (12.2 overs)
Best Bowl- Vijay 3-8, Parag Patil 2-12, Yogesh Kashyap 2-3 and Brijesh Yadav 2-23

Match 5
DMCC Sports Club vs Century Rayon Sports Club
Man of the Match- Sahban Shaikh
DMCC Sports Club won by 64 runs.

5th Match-Man of the Match – Shaban Shaikh from DMCC Sports Club Team score 59 runs not out in 51 balls (4 Fours and 2 Sixes)  
Century Rayon Team

Brief Scorecard:
DMCC Sports Club – 175 for 7 (20 overs)
Best Bat- Sahban Shaikh 59* and Haresh Dodia 42
Best Bowl- Roshan Jadhav 3-25

Century Rayon Sports Club – 111 for 10 (19.4 overs)
Best Bat- Omkar Keni 30
Best Bowl- Rahul 3-15 and Jagdish Jadhav 2-11

Match 6
Sachivalaya Gymkhana vs MET Sports Club
Man of the Match- Harish Narvekar
MET Sports Club won by 104 runs.

MET Sports Club Team with Dhanraj Pillay Sir
6th Match-Man of the Match – Harish Narvekar from MET Sports Club Team score 130 runs not out in 68 balls (16 Fours and 6 Sixes) 
Sachivalaya gymkhana Team

Brief Scorecard:

MET Sports Club – 195 for 3 (20 overs)
Best Bat- Harish Narvekar 130*

Sachivalay Gymkhana Team – 91 for 10 (16.1 overs)
Best Bat- Jagdish Waghela 49
Best Bowl- Shadab Usmani 3-11 and Noel Fernandes 3-3

Match 7
Datamatics Global Services vs WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd
Man of the Match- Ketan Kharat
WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd won by 6 wickets.

WNS Team
7th Match – Man of the Match Ketan Kharat from WNS Team took 4 wkts  
Datamatics Team

Brief Scorecard:
Datamatics Global Services Pvt Ltd – 87 for 10 (19.5 overs)
Best Bowl- Chetan Kharat 4-6, Ajinkya Dhumal 2-11 and Aditya Nikam 2-12

WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd – 88 for 4 (15.2 overs)
Best Bat- Dhyansagar Patil 39 and Kshitij Kanade 29*.
Best Bowl- Rasik Naik 2-2

Match 8
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd vs The LIC of India Sports Club
Man of the Match- Rohan Kalbhor
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd won by 7 wickets.

Mahindra and Mahindra Team
8th Match – Man of the Match Rohan Kalbhor From Mahindra & Mahindra Team Score 58 runs not out in 28 balls (6 Fours and 2 Sixes)
LIC of India Sports Club Team

Brief Scorecard:
The LIC of India Sports Club – 125 for 9 (20 overs)
Best Bat- Atul Kerkar 32 and Prasant 29
Best Bowl- Madhav Sawant 3-20, Ranu Morel 2-21 and Nikhil 2-22

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd- 129 for 3 (18.2 overs)
Best Bat- Oswal D’costa 39* and Rohan Kalbhor 58*.
Best Bowl- Atul Kelkar 2-9


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