Anonymous Knights complete a successful Udaipur Tour organised by Zooter

Anonymous Knights, a team from Mumbai, went on their first ever tour , which was a tour to Udaipur. The team, led by Sanjeev Suleria ,is a group of friends, who are all 30 years old and above, coming together and pursuing their passion for cricket .

The Anonymous Knights played 3 T20 matches on the Udaipur tour. They won the first two games comfortably. They lost the third game against the Doctors of Udaipur. These matches were played at the Pacific Sports complex in Udaipur. The tour was completely arranged and managed by Zooter.

The main objective of Zooter is to provide a top class cricket experience to all Amateur players who have moved on in life to pursue their professional and corporate goals but share a common passion for playing the game. Zooter has already organised 25+ tours and are set for many more !

After a successful first tour of Jaipur , the Anonymous Knights thoroughly enjoyed the tour and are looking forward for more tours.

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