Axel Sports Academy’s Miloni Jivani becomes the first Women’s Cricketer from Morbi to get selected in a State Level team

Miloni Jivani, a young aspiring women’s cricketer from Gujarat has made her district proud and etched her name in the history. Miloni Jivani who practices at Axel Sports Academy in Morbi, Gujarat under Head Coach Nishant Jani recently got selected into a state level team becoming the first girl from the district of Morbi to represent a state level team in the sport of cricket. Miloni who is a top order batsman got selected in the Saurashtra U19 team and now with this news entire Morbi seems to have erupted in joy.

Miloni Jivani cricketer
Miloni Jivani


Miloni has been practicing since 2 years at Axel Sports Academy which is one of the biggest and best equipped cricket academies in Morbi, Gujarat. Those who have watched her play closely over the years have found her to be really promising and her talent certainly seems to be getting noticed at the higher levels.

Cricket Coach Nishant Jani

Speaking with Cricketgraph, Coach Nishant Jani shared This is a moment which not only makes me proud but entire morbi is proud of her achievement. I would also like to add the names of Coach Vishal Bhimani (Coach at Axel Sports Academy) and Kantibhai Amrutya (Head of Morbi District Association) who have played equally important roles in supporting the journey of Miloni. This I feel is the beginning and we aim to make her play for India one day, hopefully with the right amount of hardwork, passion and practice, we will try and achieve that too”

In today’s era of computers and mobiles, Miloni is certainly an inspiration for all the youngsters in Morbi to take up sports, work hard to represent your state & country and make everyone proud of your achievements.

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