There is a very famous phrase-All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, Is it for real? Do we really need active sports participation? What is the importance of Sports? Why should we make it a part of our life? Lets find out the benefits from this article:

Kids, teens and adolescents have a fixed routine of going to school, tuitions, homework, watching TV, playing on computer and there the day ends. And so there’s limited playtime for the kid. But some schools are actively involved in getting the school to get at least one sport as a hobby. The rising sports career of the sportstars like Virat Kohli, Saina Nehwal, MS Dhoni,
Mithali Raj, PV Sindhu, and many others there is a motivation to take up sports as a career for many inviduals and their parents. Most of the parents have certain misconceptions about their children getting engaged in sporting activity:

1. Participation in any sport does not have long term benefits.
2. Engaging in sport eats up a lot of time and kids do not get time for their academics. Also, kids become poor in time management.
3. Sport makes them tired and they are left with no energy to concentrate on studies later.
4. Sport tends to distract kids from their academics and it affects their concentration level as they only get involved in playing.
5. There might be long term effects of the injuries caused due to the game.

Now let’s see the facts:

Sports have a huge effect on mankind. John Wooden, one of the great American footballers once said; Sports don’t build character. They reveal it.Sports can teach you the best of life lessons; they can promote love, friendship and many other good qualities:

1. Increases concentration and mental strength:

The most important psychological skill necessary for sport is concentration. Unless you are completely focused in your game, you will not get the results. Research says that kids who are involved in sports have better concentration level that those who are not.

2. Increase academic performance:

Sport participation improves blood circulation to the brain and heart and provides physical well-being, which makes kids more alert and high on concentration. Researches show there is a direct link between the physical activity of the children and their better cognitive tuition. Yes, you read it right that people who are active in sports have showed academic performances.

3. Teaches Sociability:

Cricket game for kids teaches the quality of knowing your environment and to interact with people. It lets your child be more interactive, increases self-confidence, makes more aware about many things and people around.

4. Builds good health:

Whether you’re playing complicated full on matches or just easy cricket games, children get a good work-out from this sport. Cricket involves both cardiovascular exercise and using muscle strength, so it is a good combination sport.

It also encourages them to eat more healthy as it is helps them in good performance and health.

5. Importance of teamwork:

Cricket also promotes teamwork spirit. Children learn to work together to achieve their goals, drawing on each other’s different strengths. If your kids are too young to play proper cricket there are lots of alternative easy cricket games for kids, i.e. simpler versions that are just as fun and teach the same skills.

6. Multitasking Skills:

Kids who are in sports learn better time management skills as they are aware that they get limited time for their academics and cannot afford to procrastinate.

7. Overall Health Development:

Sports participation helps in overall physical growth, personality development and daily exercising decreases the chances of the serious diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, strokes, etc. in future life.

Cricket can be played both socially and competitively, by males and females of all ages. To play  competitively, consider joining a local club for inculcating all the benefits in your child.

Hope to see your child on the Cricket field soon!


Blog by-Sayali Naik
(Masters in Sports Nutrition, CDE)

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