CG Auctions | Used English Willow Cricket Bat, Pads & Helmet | By: Aakarshit Gomel

After the huge success and appreciation from the cricket community for the Maali ko Do Taali campaign, cricketgraph is back with another campaign to support deserving & needy cricketers. This time the campaign is through “CricketGraph Auctions“, wherein used / new cricket items will be auctioned and part of the auction money will be given to these needy cricketers in form of money or goods. 

The highest bidder of the auction will be featured on cricketgraph as a the,The Goodwill Winner”.

CricketGraph Auctions will have 3 partners,  The Goodwill Cricketer (TGC), is the one who decides to donate his new / used cricket goods & the beneficiary (The needy cricketer who gets benefited from the auctions and The highest bidder who wins the auction as ” The Goodwill Winner (TGW)”.

Here are the details of the first cricketgraph auctions 

The Goodwill Cricketer:
Aakarshit Gomel (Ex-U19 India Cricket Team | Mumbai Ranji Player | MPL)
With this bat he has scored 5 centuries and stopped using the bat coz he was spoilt for choices with other bats 🙂 
Used cricket bat is high quality english willow bat (Brand: JUST), weighing around 1180 grams, with heaviness towards the bottom part. This is in good condition however it looks old and can be used immediately without any fear of cracks etc. 
Pads are in excellent condition (RS Brand) and Helmet too is in mint condition 
Courier Charges: Extra as per the actual courier costs. (This can be picked up directly from Mahim) 
Beneficiary: Harsh Pant who is 17 years of age, resides in kalyan and is a part of Union Cricket club, Kalyan. As per coach Tushar of Union Cricket Club, Harsh is a promising young fast bowler. 

Part of the proceeds from this & other auctions will go towards buying a brand new pair of cricket spikes, which should motivate him!

Reserve / Base Bid Amount: Rs. 1000/-

Bid Increase Amount by: Rs.150/-

Auction End Date: 28 July 2020 Tuesday 1 PM

To join the auctions pls click on this link to join Whtsapp CG  Auction Group

This whtsapp group is active only till the auction winner is announced and later gets deleted>

Pictures of the cricket helmet, pads and english willow cricket bat-

cricket helmet of Aakarshit Gomel

Aakarshit Gomel bat Aakarshit Gomel bat

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