Cricket Gyan- Delivering Leg Cutters

Leg-Cutter: Leg Cutter is one of the deceiving weapons used by fast bowlers. It’s not only difficult to face but it also gives a bowler some variety to puzzle the batsman. To deliver a leg cutter, a fast bowler cuts down on pace and the ball moves off the pitch from the batsman’s leg side to the off side. However, the movement of the ball largely depends on the release, the condition of the pitch as well as the condition of the ball.


leg cutter bowling grip
Leg Cutter Bowling Grip


When a leg cutter is bowled on or around the batsman’s off stump, it will give bowler a greater chance of inducing the batsman to hit a loose or a wrong shot.

Note- This image is for Left Hand Bowling Grip. For Right Hand Grip the index finger can be placed in the same position on the left hand side.

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