Cricket Gyan: The Accurate leg-spin grip

When we talk about leg spin, which are some of the names which immediately comes to our mind?

Well it has to be the likes of Shane Warne, Anil Kumble & Mushtaq Ahmed who were some of the biggest names when it comes to leg spin. These legends have bamboozled the best of the batsman in different corners of the world. They have also helped their country win on numerous occasions. Spin bowling is indeed an art and to master the art of leg spin, one needs to ensure the basics are in place. A right grip to begin with plays a very important role in leg spinner’s trajectory.

The right grip for a leg-spin delivery is when a  ball is placed into the palm with the seam parallel to the palm. The first two fingers then spread and grip the ball while the third and fourth fingers close together and rest against the side of the ball. The first bend of the third finger should grasp the seam.


Leg Spin Grip
Leg Spin Grip in collaboration with MCA Level O Coach Sumeet Khanna


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