Cricket Gyan: The Correct Batting Grip

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The batting grip plays an important role in how you swing the cricket bat and make contact with the ball. A perfect batting grip also helps you to yield maximum power while generating shots. Even though the orthodox batting grip is considered to be ideal, it is very crucial for a player to find out which grip works the best for him or her. There are various types of Batting grips like ‘V’ shaped Grip, ‘O’ Shaped Grip, Knott Grip amongst others.



Ideally, your bat should be exactly placed right behind both the legs with a straight face.Your dominant hand which is the top hand should be closer to the top of the handle. The other hand which is the bottom hand should be closer to the bat blade. Putting your hands in the middle of the handle gives you the best combination of power and control. A high grip (hands towards the end of the handle) will produce more power.

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Credits to Coach Sumeet Khanna  for Batting Grip illustration.


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