Cricket Gyan- The Correct Inswing Bowling Grip

The INSWINGER is a lethal fast bowling technique which can be used to dismiss a batsman. To a right handed batsman, the ball nips back in sharply and sometimes marginally which can help in getting LBW or even clean bowled. The IN-SWINGER can also pose danger to a left handed batsman as if forces them to play the ball away from the body.


In Swing Bowling Grip
In Swing Bowling Grip


As we can see in the image, the 1st two fingers are slightly across the seam, angled a little but towards fine leg. On the other hand we can see the thumb resting on seam underneath the ball.

This piece of content made in collaboration with Coach Sumeet Khanna who provided the bowling grip image. Do share this post with those for whom this might be of help.

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