Cricketgraph Collaborates with Strongliving Health & Fitness for exciting content!

With more and more people pursuing professional cricket comes the rigors of fitness, the right exercises and avoiding injuries for a prolonged career. With our Cricketgraph community growing day by day consisting of different age group players spread across the states as well as across the world, we are more than delighted to bring you out more informative content which can come in handy for cricket players as well as cricket lovers in general.

In our recent collaboration, we have tied up with Faisal E from Sydney, Australia who is an Exercise Physiologist and a Sports Scientist.  Strongliving Health & Fitness has a presence on social media on various platforms including on Instagram where it’s curated by Faisal himself.

Faisal believes in relieving pain through movements and he will be creating exciting content on Injury prevention & Sports Physiology by associating with Cricketgraph.

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@cricketgraph collaborates with @strongliving_exphys to bring out exciting content related to Fitness exercises, Injury prevention and Sports Physiology. @strongliving_exphys Strongliving Health and Fitness is a dedicated page curated by Faisal from Sydney, Australia who is a an Exercise Physiologist and a Sports Scientist. Stay tuned for exciting content only for our growing instafamily. #alliedhealth #strongliving #fitnesscontent #vlog #collab #collaboration #exercise #exercisemotivation #physiologist #sportsnews #sportsphysio #sportsphysiotherapy #sportsscientist #cricketgraph #cricketgram #cricketcontent #cricketvideos #fitnessvideos #sydney #australia #instafam #instafamily #exercisephysiology

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