Cricketgraph deletes itself from TikTok

Cricketgraph has decided to delete its presence from TikTok, a decision which was contemplated even before the “nationalism” wave took over.

This dates back to how TikTok started over in India and within weeks the entire nation was glued to it. One of the reasons or the only reason for its rapid growth was at that stage it thrived on sleazy / vulgar / porn content.

This was the first sign that TikTok was determined to dominate the social media space through whatever means with complete disregard to values, ethics, integrity.

There was a nationwide uproar on the quality of content so much so that the Indian judicial system had to intervene to regulate the content.

The second alarming signs was the lack of TikTok process or algorithms.  

Instagram has algorithms, process in place to track copyright violations, easier ways to report /flag inappropriate content, verified accounts etc.

 However, with TikTok, copyright violations are galore, and nothing is being done about it.

Few months back we were contacted by one of the employees of TikTok, requesting us to activate cricketgraph’s channel on TikTok. He claimed that if we put 2-3 cricket-based videos on our TikTok channel, he would immediately increase our followers. We didn’t believe him, how can an employee with conviction tell us that he would immediately increase our followers? Do they have any processes at all or is it run by a bunch of trigger-happy individuals!

Nevertheless, we decided to give it a shot, to understand how they work.

We uploaded 2 average videos and next morning our followers skyrocketed from some 800 odd to 3000 followers! WHOA! He messaged us the next day and said “Dekha Kar ke dikhaya ne” “See I got it done”.

This demonstrated one thing quite clearly – Do whatever it takes to get accounts activated on TikTok and rule the world by legitimate or illegitimate means.

One would have come across many such celebrities who are going all guns blazing on TikTok,

These celebrities may be doing this innocently with all the right intentions, probably not realizing the other dark side of their actions.  

Recently we came across videos from few celebrities warning India of the sinister goals of TikTok and the various covert ways through which the app gets personal information from the user’s cellphones. (Referring to videos by AbhiandNiyu on Insta and the famous Sonam Wangchuk)

These messages had a touch of “Nationalism” to it and its completely fine coz after all we are all love our country!

Today, we are deleting ourselves from TikTok. This wasn’t an easy decision coz after all cricketgraph is in the media space and our revenues are determined by the number of followers, reach etc.

Today we are taking a stand against such evil methods deployed by a global company – Bye Bye TikTok

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