Cricketgraph Talent Management Program for Players & Coaches | CGTM

Cricketgraph Talent Management Program for Players, Coaches & Support Staff  | CGTM

CricketGraph has been serving grassroot cricket since 2012 and over the years we have helped and managed several cricketers & support staff, both at international and grassroots level. Any aspiring cricketer, be it a school level or professional level, needs many aspects apart from core skills to compete and reach the next level. The other aspects are mainly network, contacts, media, PR & visibility. 

CricketGraph Talent Management provides exactly all these intangible yet super effective support systems for a player & support staff to scale to the next level. Players on our roster are already playing at various age groups, to top divisions to Ranji Teams and at the IPL level too. 

If you are an aspiring cricketer (whatever age group) who wishes to scale to new heights, then you can sign up for the CricketGraph Talent Management Program. 

Why you need to sign up?

 For Media, PR & Global visibility on website, social media like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other third-party partners.

  1. For newer opportunities
  2. To have an edge over others in this competitive landscape.
  3. Highlighting your cricket performance through videos, articles and other engagements.

Who is it for?

 For aspirational & talented cricketers. The talent team will decide if you are eligible to enroll in the talent management program.

  1. For Under 16, Under 19, Under 23 and open age groups
  2. For school cricketers to Ranji / IPL / State level cricketers
  3. For cricketers from India and other countries.

 How can I enroll?

 The first thing you need to do is fill this application form

  1. CricketGraph team will connect with you to get more relevant details.
  2. Talent team will decide if you are eligible or not.
  3. If you are eligible, you will have to pay and enroll in the relevant talent packages.

Why should I sign up with CricketGraph?

  1. Global reach of 1 million plus
  2. Good connections with national, international coaches, selectors and talent scouts.
  3. Serving grassroot cricket community since 2012.
  4. Proven track record of placing cricketers and support staff within IPL teams, Ranji teams, overseas countries, domestic & international leagues and various state associations. 

Register your interest in cricketgraph talent management program by clicking on this link

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