CricketGyan: Types of Slower Deliveries

HOW TO BOWL A SLOWER BALL ft.@cricketwithnagesh

We look at two slower ball variations which can be really handy in this day and age of T-20 cricket or in any format of cricket.

Spilt finger

✅ Hold the ball with the a normal grip,with the seam upright.
✅ Then as you are about to deliver it slide your forefinger and middle finger on the opposite sides towards the leather of the ball.
✅ The wider your fingers,slower the ball will come out.
✅ This type of slower ball is used by bowlers who hit the seam more often than other.
Australian legend Glen McGrath used it regularly.

One finger

✅Grip the ball normally
✅Then as you are about to deliver the ball slide your middle finger,so that you are holding the ball with only the forefinger and the thumb.
✅ This type of slower ball is good to bowl on a flat pitch,because it sticks on the pitch and the batsman can be caught in front of the wicket.


Key 🔑 points:

1. As with all slower balls you will require a lot of practice to master these as well.
2. You arm speed should remain the same while bowling the slower balls,otherwise the batsman might pick it up.
3. Always use a secret signal to let your wicket keeper and fielders know that you are bowling a slower ball,so that they can move a few paces up for the catch.

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Credits to Coach Nagesh Gupta for brilliant illustration and explanation.



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