Dhaval Parab : Running an NGO for underprivileged kids and staying rooted to cricket at the same time!

Sometimes it’s very difficult to find things which makes you feel satisfied and happy. You might achieve many things but not necessarily those things might make you happy. Sometimes just playing a game or two of cricket on the beach with your friends or helping out someone will give you good amount of happiness & Dhaval Parab is one such guy who has taken the activity of helping others to a next level.

A former cricketer himself, Dhawal as he likes to call himself Dhaval Archana Parab has played professional cricket for almost 15 years. During his playing days he also represented Mumbai State team at various age group levels. Dhawal has represented West Zone U17 & U19 while he was also in the India U17 & U19 probables list. 


Dhawal Parab with kids from Kutumba Education and Foundation
Dhawal Parab with kids from Kutumba Education and Knowledge Foundation


Probably 5 years back, Dhaval decided to give it back to the community and that’s how Kutumba Education And Knowledge Foundation began in 2016 which is an independent & non-profit organization. Kutumba believes that illiteracy is the root cause of the stagnation of an individual and the country as a whole. Hence, our aim is to develop the country at the grassroots level and upwards.


Dhawal Parab with NGO Kids
Dhaval Parab with kids from Kutumba Education And Knowledge Foundation


Kutumba strives to educate slum children in Mumbai while providing the essential skills required for a child’s personal development & spoken english. The focus of this organization is to motivate and help outperform traditional norms to create a ladder for underprivileged children. Dhawal believes it’s their modest contribution towards national educational development which will make this country a better place.


Dhawal Parab, Operations & Logistics Manager at TriumphKnights Mumbai Northeast, T20 Mumbai
Dhaval Parab, Operations & Logistics Manager at TriumphKnights Mumbai Northeast, T20 Mumbai


Dhawal at present manages the Triumph Knights Mumbai Northeast Team in T20 Mumbai as logistics and operations manager and continues to stay rooted to his first love, CRICKET! Here’s wishing him all the luck for all his future professional and social endeavors.


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