Elite Performance Secrets-Exclusive Yoga Webinar for Cricketers on International Yoga Day

Do you know one thing common between Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Virat Kohli, Kapil Dev, Shikhar Dhawan, Narendra Modi and Justin Langer to name a few? Well, these top names in the field of cricket practice yoga daily and it has been a crucial part of their lives since many years.

Yoga is one way of life which is obviously beneficial for the health but it also boosts your performance if you are an athlete. Many successful athletes around the world practice it and their performances are a testimony to how productive Yoga can be.

In cricket, there is a constant need of connecting bat & ball through the sharp mind with a relaxed approach and alertness. Yoga definitely increases concentration power and better focusing for cricketers. At the same time, when you are on the ground playing cricket, it’s essential to have the mind free from all the unnecessary stuff and that is where Yoga comes to the rescue. Yogic discipline allows cricketers to remain calm, alert in present moment & skillful all the time during play.

Hence, on International Yoga Day which falls on 21st of June, 2020, Cricketgraph has come up with an exclusive Yoga Webinar which will be based on Elite Performance Secrets recommended for cricketers. The webinar will be conducted by Vishal Chitrakar (Creator of page Athlete Mantras, ASCA Level 1, Strength & Conditioning Coach with Mumbai U19 Team, Diploma in Yoga Education, Heartfulness meditation practitioner since 2012 & Pursuing YCB – Level 2 certification under AYUSH Mantralaya of Govt. of India)

Key Highlights of the Webinar:

  • -True meaning of Yoga
  • -Basics of Peak performance-Awareness
  • -Introduction to how top athletes plan their elite routines
  • -What sets the elite athletes apart in the approach towards the game.
  • -Transformation through Ashtana Yoga

To register, click on the link below: 

Elite Performance Secrets- Exclusive Yoga Webinar recommended for Cricketers

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