Free cricket selection trials for MCA affiliated kanga knock out team

A lot of mumbai cricketers have a strong desire to play for MCA (Mumbai cricket association) tournaments however due to various reasons these desires remain unfulfilled. However this is about to change, courtesy Suraj Samat, the man behind Friends Union Club, a MCA affiliated cricket club. 

Suraj Samat, came up with a unique idea,which was to conduct a selection trials for the kanga knock out club – Friends Union. Cricketgraph is given the mandate to conduct these selection trials to identify raw talent, nurture them and get them to play in the mca affiliated kanga knock out tournament. 
Suraj Samat Friends Union Cricket Club
Suraj Samat | Friends Union Cricket Club
In order to conduct these trials, identify raw talent from different parts of mumbai, Yogesh Kaudare (ex mumbai ranji pace bowler, ECB certified coach) has volunteered to become the coach cum captain of this team which will be powered by cricketegraph. Naresh Pardeshi another cricket enthusiast from Virar has stepped forward in the capacity of Team Manager to help in the smooth functioning of the trails & team selection. 
Under the supervision & mentor-ship of Yogesh (a.k.a Yogi), selection trials will be conducted at several places in mumbai to freeze upon a pool of 25 cricketers.Selection matches will be played among these cricketers till April end which will help nurture these raw talent. 

The core team consists of 3 team members, Yogesh Kaudaare (coach cum captain), Naresh Pardeshi (Team Manager) and Amol Sonavane from CricketGraph 

Yogesh Kaudaare cricket coach
Yogesh Kaudaare | Team Captain cum Coach
Naresh Pardeshi
Naresh Pardeshi | Team Manager
Amol Sonavane
Amol Sonavane | CricketGraph


Various brands have extended their support to this initiative like Z Bats as the official bat partner, Adam Wylie Physio Rehab centre as the official Fitness & Physio Partner, Exerfit Wellness as the Fitness Nutrition Partner and Tyger Sports as the official sportswear partner.  
Once the form is filled out, cricketgraph team will announce the selection trials dates & venue to the registered participants. 


Please note that if a cricketer plays for Kanga knock out tournament, he wont be eligible to play for top divisions in MCA for that year.  

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